New Cable TV Rules Triggered These 9 Positive Decisions For The Cable User

The new Cable TV regime has unleashed excellent steps from DTH and Cable operators.

Positive decisions for cable TV user in India
Positive decisions for cable TV user in India

TRAI or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has imposed the new Cable TV rules pan-India, effective February 1st, 2019. Originally, the deadline for implementing the new rules was January 28th, which got extended as most of the consumers were not aware of the new rules.

However, now, as the new Cable TV rules have already been implemented, there is a greta debate among consumers and tech observers: Are these new rules good for the user?
We have presented 9 reasons why the new Cable TV rules are actually good for the consumers, and how they can save money as well.


Reason #1: DTH/Cable Activation, Installation Price Reduced

Earlier, Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 charges was common for activating and installing a new Cable TV connection in India. There was no fixed charge per se, the users were left at the mercy of the operator.
But not anymore.
Under the new Cable TV regime, TRAI has mandated that a consumer cannot be charged more than Rs 350 for installation, and Rs 150 for activating a new connection.
Besides, for a new Set top box, DTH and Cable firms cannot charge more than Rs 500 from the consumer. We need more clarification on this issue, though.

Reason #2: Consumers Can Buy Their Own Set Top Box

Earlier, users were forced by DTH and Cable Operators to use the set top box provided by the specific company. Hence, a Tata Sky user was mandated to use a set top box which Tata Sky provided, whatever be the cost of it. There was no option to choose.
But now, under the new Cable TV rules, consumers can buy their own set top box. This is a major decision, as the consumer has now been released from the grip of DTH and Cable operator, when it comes to set top box. Portability of set top box will also become a reality now, wherein any set top box can be used for any Cable or DTH connection. A landmark step, indeed.

Reason #3: Free Repair Of Cable TV Connection After 72 Hours Of Complaint

After sales service of existing cable connections is pathetic to say the least in India. The probability that the technician shall arrive within 24 hours is so slim, that consumers don’t even expect that. The complaint period often extends to weeks, and months. Sometimes, in my personal experience in cities like New Delhi, people also pay bribe to the technician to come early.
TRAI has clearly understood the problem, and have resolved it as well, to some extent. From now on, under the new Cable TV Rules, consumers will get free service, in case the technician fails to arrive within first 72 hours of the lodging the complaint.
This is a major reform for improving user-experience of cable TV consumers in India.

Reason #4: Massive Discounts On Network Connect Fees

Network Connect Fees or NCF is the base charges which every cable TV user has to pay to access 100 channels. However, in case the consumer wants to watch more than 100 channels, then they will have to pay additional Network Charges Fees.
Now, due to competition, DTH and Cable operators have started removing these NCF, for additional channels. This will help the consumers to save money, and to reduce the cable expenses.

Reason #5: Tata Sky Removes HD Access Fees For Ever

HD Access Fees was a new monetisation method by Tata Sky, in the earlier days. Just to access HD Channels, Tata Sky users were asked to pay a access fees of around Rs 250-300, per month.
Now, under the new Cable TV rules, this HD Access fees has been removed forever. Tata Sky had to take this decision as the new Cable TV Rules forbid the DTH or Cable Operator to charge anything extra beyond the NCF and per-channel MRP, or channel bouquets.
And this removal of HD Access fees leads us to reason #6.

Reason #6: Availability of HD Channels Increase

Under the new Cable TV Rules, which is based on per channel rates, access of HD Channels across all DTH and Cable operators have suddenly increased. India’s largest DTH operator: Tata Sky has started offering new HD Packs from Rs 11, which has triggered a new round of tariff war. SITI Cable, Airtel, D2h and others have added new HD Packs to their existing line-up of channels, which means more options and more choices for the end-user.
Increased number of HD Channels is one of the most important changes in the overall Cable TV regime.

Reason #7: Regional Packs Becomes Cheaper

Since consumers are now empowered to pay only those channels which they actually watch, the demand for regional channels has increased. Earlier, a Tamilian residing in Delhi used to think twice before adding Tamil regional channels, as the cost was high because the demand was low. A Local cable operator used to charge extra money for that.
But now, under a-la-carte system, the consumer has the option to choose the channels via simple interface (like that of Tata Sky), and this changes so many things.
Almost every DTH and Cable operator is now compelled to launch their own regional packs, as there exists a niche, and very strong demand for the same.
In case of Tata Sky, they have launched more than 400 packs and bouquets of channels, and their regional packs start from as low as Rs 7 per month.
This is indeed a revolution.
Do you have any other reason why the new Cable TV rules are beneficial for the consumer? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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