Tata Sky Offers 14 Regional Packs Starting At Rs 7; Airtel Too Jumps Into Regional Battle (Complete Details)

Can Tata Sky, Airtel capture the regional audience?

Regional Packs announced by Tata, Airtel
Regional Packs announced by Tata, Airtel

February is the month when DTH companies and Cable Operators will make or break their customer base. TRAI’s new Cable TV Regulations have come into force, and Cable TV users will have to select new packs, new channels at new rates.

In order to make the process of decision making easier, Tata Sky and Airtel Digital, India’s largest DTH operators, have announced new series of regional packs, starting at just Rs 7.

Here are the complete details.

Tata Sky’s Regional Packs From Rs 7

Tata Sky has launched some interesting Regional Packs for their customers, which covers Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu langauges.

There are a total of 14 such Regional Packs, and the cheapest one costs Rs 7.

Here are the packs:

Gujarati Language Pack: Rs 7/month (4 channels)

Tamil Language Pack: Rs 114/month (24 channels)

Tamil Language Mini Pack: Rs 71/month (8 channels)

Telugu Language Pack: Rs 136/month (21 channels)

Telugu Language Mini Pack: Rs 87/month (5 channels)

Kannada Language Pack: Rs 115/month (14 channels)

Kannada Language Mini Pack: Rs 86/month (7 channels)

Malayalam Language Pack: Rs 70/month (10 channels)

Malayalam Language Mini Pack: Rs 54/month (5 channels)

Bengali Language Pack: Rs 67/month (8 channels)

Bengali Language Mini Pack: Rs 42/month (6 channels)

Odiya Language Pack: Rs 47/month (8 channels)

Marathi Language Pack: Rs 53/month (8 channels)

Marathi Language Mini Pack: Rs 45/month (5 channels)

Follow our quick guide to select your favourite channels on Tata Sky, by these 11 steps.

Airtel Regional Packs Launched

Airtel Digital too has decided to launch their own regional packs, which can be activated via My Airtel app, easily.

There are 13 such Regional Packs from Airtel and the minimum pack costs Rs 7, just like Tata Sky.

Here are the details:

Gujarati Regional Pack: Rs 7/month

Kannada Regional Pack: Rs 114/month

Kannada Regional Mini Pack: Rs 86/month

Bengali Regional Pack: Rs 67/month

Kannada Regional Mini Pack: Rs 42/month

Malayalam Regional Pack: Rs 84/month

Malayalam Regional Mini Pack: Rs 54/month

Marathi Regional Pack: Rs 53/month

Marathi Regional Mini Pack: Rs 45/month

Tamil Regional Pack: Rs 113/month

Tamil Regional Mini Pack: Rs 71/month

Telugu Regional Pack: Rs 135/month

Telugu Regional Mini Pack: Rs 88/month

Network Connect Fees?

In case your base pack of 100 channels for Rs 130 (plus GST) is already over, and then you select these regional packs, then you will need to pay extra for Network Connect Fees.

However, Airtel will soon launch their new packs for News, English Sports and Hindi Sports channels. Once they are finalized, customers can make a better choice.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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