TataSky, Airtel, D2h Will Repair Your Cable TV Connection For Free After 72 Hours – TRAI

TRAI wants instant, and timely solution for all consumers

TRAI issues orders on cable TV repairs
TRAI issues orders on cable TV repairs

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI has been super-active when it comes to Cable TV and DTH services in India. After making sure that the new Cable TV regulations are executed as on January 31st, and doesn’t get delayed, TRAI has now focussed their attention on Cable TV repairs and faulty connections.

In a series of tweets, TRAI has made a major decision, which will directly impact all Cable TV operators and DTH service providers in India.

Cable Repair Will Be Free, If No Action Taken In 72 Hours

How many times has it happened, that you have complained about faulty cable connection or DTH signals to your service provider, and no action has been taken for days.

You may missed an important sporting event or your regular evening news due to this.

Taking cognizance of this matter, TRAI has now directed all cable TV oeprators and DTH providers to resolve the issues within 72 hours.

If the issue is not able to resolve in 72 hours, then the cable TV operators and DTH providers will have to render their service for free.

This is the first such major order made by TRAI, regarding cable TV repair and faulty connection issue.

TRAI tweeted:

This order by TRAI makes it clear that Cable TV operators and DTH Providers cannot take their customers for granted anymore.

Cable TV Installation Charges Capped At Rs 500

During announcing the new Cable TV Rules, and Regulations, TRAI has informed last month that no DTH Provider or Cable TV Operator can charge more than Rs 500 for installation of a new connection.

This was yet another path-breaking order, because earlier, a new connection used to be charged anywhere between Rs 1000 to Rs 1500, depending on the service provider.

But now, cable companies cannot charge more than Rs 350 for installation, and Rs 150 for activation of the new connection, thereby capping the overall charges at Rs 500.

Besides, in case a technician decides to visit a home for any service/repairs, then Rs 200 is the maximum charge for that. In case the Smart Card needs to be replaced, then Rs 300 has been designated as the maximum charge.

We will keep you updated, as TRAI continues to disrupt existing Cable and DTH industry in India!

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