Rajdhani Goes Engine-Less: Sleeper Version Of Train18 Planned Which Will Be The New Rajdhani Express

Modification of coaches will be the most crucial aspect

Rajdhani Express will be now engine-less?
Rajdhani Express will be now engine-less?

India’s premier train: Rajdhani Express, will soon become engine-less. A sleeper version of Train18 has been planned, which will soon become the new Rajdhani Express train.

Notably, Train18, which has been renamed to VandeBharat Express, was initially designed and planned for replacing Shatabdi Express.

What will be the USPs of Train-18 style Rajdhani Express? Keep reading to find out more!

Train18 Style Rajdhani Express Planned With Sleeper Coaches

As per an exclusive report by Financial Express, engineers at Indian Railways have planned a Train18 style train with sleeper coaches. This can be the replacement of all Rajdhani Express trains.

This sleeper version of Train18 will be fully engine-less, and semi-high speed, just like Vande Bharat Express.

Shubhranshu, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer (PCME) at ICF confirmed this development, as he said, “Once the design is ready we will send it to the Railway Board for approval. If all goes well, we should have a Rajdhani-style Train 18 ready by the end of this year,”

Vande Bharat Express, aka Train18 was recently inaugurated by PM Modi, as it is now running successfully between New Delhi and Varanasi. Train18 has been designed to run at 180 kmph, making it India’s fastest train.

But due to track-constraints, the train runs at 160 kmph.

Engine-Less Rajdhani: The USPs

The main modification which the Rail engineers need to perform for sleeper-version of Train18 is coaches’ design.

The existing Train18 coaches are seats-only, whereas in the new Rajdhani version, there will sleeper berths. The positioning of sleeper berths inside the coaches and the number of berths in each coach are some of the areas which will need some research.

Engineers at ICF Factory in Chennai are working on these changes right now.

Shubhranshu said, “One notable difference between making a chair car and a sleeper coach is that in case of the latter the position of berths has to be fixed with one berth on either side of the window. The compulsion does not exist in chair cars. But these are minor design changes that we hope to be able to make in 2-3 months,”

He assured that the new coaches of Train18 with sleeper berths will have European style comfort and elegance,

As per FE, these new sleeper-trains with Train18 features can be initially tested on Golden Quadrilateral route, which are popular among tourists.

It would be interesting to see, how the new Rajdhani comes out, with engine-less and other features.


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