OnePlus 6T vs Poco F1: Who Wins This Ultimate Flagship Battle?

Poco F1 has some edge over OnePlus 6T, and the primary reason is price.

OnePlus 6T vs Poco F1
OnePlus 6T vs Poco F1

Recently Xiaomi came out with a video asking customers to do their maths before buying a OnePlus 6T. Well, it does make sense, as Poco F1 is way cheaper.

Xiaomi Poco F1 is the cheapest smartphone in the world running Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

While OnePlus 6T may sound more premium and classy but does it makes sense to pay 17,000 bucks extra? This is our list of the reasons why you should pick Poco F1 over OnePlus 6T.


Physical Fingerprint Sensor

OnePlus has an in-display fingerprint sensor. The first for any OnePlus smartphone. While it may look like a high-tech feature, a physical fingerprint sensor is quite handy. Neither you don’t need to look at the smartphone to unlock it nor does it take that much amount of time.

3.5mm Headphone Jack

Agree to it or not, we still love the headphone jack. Incidentally, OnePlus was one of the first companies to protest against the removal of the jack. It said it will do what the fans want, but this doesn’t seem like what fans wanted. Poco F1 still has the 3.5mm headphone jack making it easy to listen to music via headphones.

Bigger Battery

OnePlus 6T sports a 3,700mAh battery backed by Dash Charge. While Poco F1 has a 300mAh bigger 4,000mAh battery. It won’t make much of a difference, but still you get a bigger battery at a lower price. Also, the Xiaomi Poco F1 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

Smooth UI

OnePlus 6T runs on Oxygen OS, a clean stock UI based on Android 9.0 Pie. You may certainly think that OnePlus 6T has a faster UI. But in real word, Poco F1 works as fast as OnePlus 6T. The MIUI on Poco is quite clean with very less bloatware and faster responsiveness to high-end gaming.

Similar Displays

OnePlus 6T may have lesser bezels and better viewing angles, both the displays are similar at maximum brightness. Well obviously OnePlus 6T has a better display with an OLED panel, Poco F1 fights it up well. Starting at 20,999, the LCD display won’t disappoint you with the contrast or PPI.

Face Unlock At Night

The Xiaomi Poco F1 has an infrared face unlock camera in the notch up front. OnePlus 6T has a water-drop 19.5:9 notch on front. The infrared lens can even work at night which the OnePlus 6T can’t. So it an added ease in terms of security and convenience.


Xiaomi Poco F1 performs really well at its price. OnePlus 6T at 17,000 extra does a better job, but when it comes to daily tasks and processing, Poco F1 does an equally good job. On paper, OnePlus 6T is a better smartphone, but in real life hardly there’s any difference.

Conclusion: Which Should You Pick?

Well, if pitched head to head against each other, OnePlus 6T will stay a notch up, but not by much. The Xiaomi Poco F1 does a tremendous job at its price and performs excellently. But still if you want to go for OnePlus 6T over Poco F1, these should be your five reasons:

  • Better Cameras
  • Dash Charge
  • Edge To Edge Display
  • Premium Glass Finish
  • Android 9.0 Pie (Poco F1 Update On The Way)

There are a few features like a better display and camera, but the benefits aren’t worth paying 17,000 extra for a OnePlus 6T. The Poco F1 will let you experience a flagship smartphone at an entry premium price.

The Xiaomi Poco F1 is an awesome phone for users who want a smartphone offering great value for price and not some gimmicky features.

While OnePlus 6T does pack in some cool features, it isn’t worth spending 17,000 extra for a smartphone with no such real-world use.

  1. Amit Patekar says

    Thank you for the awesome comparison.
    Yes Poco F1 is bang for the buck. Now I am going to save 17k :)

  2. vikrant says

    please compare poco f1 with redmi 6 pro,a nd you will find there is no reason to pay 9k extra for speed.

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