WhatsApp Will Earn Money From Your ‘Status’: 5 Things You Should Know!

Whatsapp has finally revealed their monetisation plan, and it sounds interesting.

Whatsapp will earn money from the Status section
Whatsapp will earn money from the Status section

Finally, it’s happening. The most popular social messaging platform WhatsApp will now come with ads on its Status section. WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels confirmed that WhatsApp will have ads via its Status section.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, and things have changed a lot since then.

The owner has been planning to monetize the popular platform for a long time. Facebook has been losing users, but WhatsApp continues to dominate. So, Facebook will use the opportunity of billion users to run ads on WhatsApp.

As a WhatsApp user, here are a few things you should know.

Monetization Of WhatsApp

If you remember, WhatsApp used to charge a dollar a year after you complete a year of use. Its has been free since then, and there were no ads till now. Under the current revenue model, the company will place ads in a Snapchat-like manner in the status section of WhatsApp.

Similar to Instagram Stories, the ads on WhatsApp will have a similar format. In between the statuses, there will be ads via the Status section

Why WhatsApp Ads?

For the unaware, WhatsApp already has a paid business version for businesses and organizations. The company already charge these companies to offer exclusive services. There’s already an opening for the company to generate revenue, so placing ads via the section could have been postponed.

As Facebook continues to lose money, both Instagram and WhatsApp is now its biggest assets.

The Massive User Base

WhatsApp has successfully been able to maintain its streak of adding users over the years. The simplified platform and ease of use helped WhatsApp to grow over the years. WhatsApp currently has over 1.5 billion users globally, which includes m more than 250 million users in the country.

The massive user base will help the social messaging platform to generate millions of revenue.

Facebook Advertising System Will Power WhatsApp

The advertisements on WhatsApp would be powered by the native Facebook advertising system. Facebook will be handling the WhatsApp advertising initially. It will help the social messaging platform help it understand and participate in the advertising businesses via the app.

Facebook already has one one of the most effective internet marketing and digital advertising systems in the world

You Can Mute WhatsApp Ads

You can mute the ads from Status tab of your WhatsApp. The company is yet to announce when it will start showing the ads. WhatsApp Status will have the ads placed between the statuses, just like Instagram stories. But, you have to the option to opt out of WhatsApp ads. You can mute the WhatsApp ads you don’t want to see.

To mute WhatsApp ads, go to Settings and mute the particular brands you don’t want to. The ads from these specific brands in the Status won’t appear unless you unmute them.

The Status ad feature on WhatsApp has already been spotted for the ebta Android 2.18.305 version. Normal users won’t see WhatsApp ads now. The feature is still disabled, and will soon be visible to users.

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