Facebook Shares Data With Instagram, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp!

Facebook has clarified how the social media company uses data from users and includes information on features like Marketplace, Live and 360 Video.


Facebook Shares Data With Its Other Apps

The recent update to Facebook’s terms of service and data policy has revealed that the social media giant has been collecting user information and sharing it on its other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Post Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has been under a constant scanner for all the wrong reasons. All the company policies are being repeatedly scrutinized over how Facebook shares, saves and protects user data.

Misusing User Data

The company has been heavily criticized for sharing personal data with third parties and how the data brokers sell user data for advertisements and campaigns. The latest updated privacy policy has new terms of service and data policy where the company no more asks for more user data rights or any change of privacy.

Facebook has clarified how the social media company uses data from users and includes information on features like Marketplace, Live and 360 Video. These features have been added to the platform since the data policy was last amended in 2015.

Very recently the company was also found to be collecting call and text data from Android smartphone users including names, phone numbers and call durations. Facebook later clarified that it keeps user information to help them find friends on its platforms and to learn how users are using its products, which included the call duration, device settings and contacts.

Facebook Shares Data With Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp

You may have noticed similar ads on Facebook and Instagram. The latest terms in policy have revealed that the social media company has been sharing data with its other owned-platforms. Facebook was earlier accused of tracking users on WhatsApp to collect data, which was later used for advertising purposes.

The company has a long history of changing the privacy policies in a way which puts the needs of Facebook ahead of its users. The primary motive behind all the data acquisition is getting a more transparent user base with segmented data. The properly distributed users with specific needs and demands will help Facebook to advertise better.

The company recently explained how other companies pay them to show their ads and content to the relevant users, and how the company uses different algorithms and machine learning to find the target users.

Facebook Users In India Are At Risk

Facebook has come out with a list of all the users worldwide, whose data has been compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There are more than half million users in India whose data have been compromised.

The data scandal is directly related to the last American elections, where Facebook has been accused of providing data which has been used to manipulate votes. Surprisingly, Indian National Congress was found to be a client of Cambridge Analytica, the organisation behind the vote manipulation scandal.

The Indian government has also demanded a summon for Facebook and has asked to provide all details regarding data breach.

If India has over half a million users on the list of users whose data was provided to Cambridge Analytica, then there might be a possibility of involvement of the British political consulting firm in the recent elections in the country.

For now, Facebook has promised not to sell any user data to anyone and said it’s their responsibility to keep people’s data safe and secure.

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