Salary Of This Indian CEO Is Rs 33 Crore; His IT Company Has 28 ‘Crorepati’ Employees!

Despite such high salary, he is not the richest Indian IT CEO!

Salary of Rs 33 crore?
Salary of Rs 33 crore?

Some very interesting details regarding salaries given in IT companies have been revealed, which showcases the health of the industry.

One of the highest salaries which were offered in India to a CEO is Rs 33 crore, during FY2018.

This company has 28 crorepati employees! Surprisingly, he is the not the highets paid IT CEO in India!

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CEO With Rs 33 Crore Salary!

Vijayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of HCL received a salary of Rs 33.13 crore during FY 2017-18, which makes him one of the richest CEO among all IT firms in India. (but not the highest paid.)

Infact, in the same period, 28 employees received salary of more than Rs 1 crore in HCL, which makes HCL as the company with most number of crorepati employees in 2017-18.

Vijayakumar took over from Anant Gupta in 2016, and was paid Rs 7.06 crore during 2016-17. However, we cannot compare these two salaries, as he didn’t get the full salary in FY17.

These details were revealed from Company’s annual report, which was just made public. As per the details, the salary of Vijayakumar, popularly known as CSK is paid through a subsidiary of HCL Technologies.

At the same time, HCL Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Shiv Nadar’s salary actually decreased by 66.25% in the same period. He received a salary of Rs 1.64 crore, down from Rs 10.30 crore received last year.

Crorepati Employees Of HCL!

HCL has total of 28 employees who received a salary of more than Rs 1 crore.

After Vijaykumar, the highest paid employee in HCL is Chief Financial Officer Anil Chanana, who received salary of Rs 4.74 crore and a remuneration of Rs 3.3 crore from a subsidiary of the company.

Other crorepati employees include Maninder Singh Narang, the corporate vice president, infrastructure delivery, APMEA / Europe (Rs 3.87 crore); Ajit Krishnankutty Kumar, President – Systems Integration & Applications, Delivery (Rs 2.8 crore);

Infosys CEO Can Beat HCLCEO In Salary Only If..

The race of CEO’s salary can be won by Infosys CEO Salil Parekh, who took over the reins in January, 2018, if he can meet the targets.

As per reports, Salil Parekh can actually take home Rs 34.45 crore in FY2018, if the targets are met.

TCS CEO Witnessed Maximum Growth

If we talk about sheer growth in salary, then TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan beats them all. In the last one year, his salary has doubled to Rs 12 crore, which is an appraisal of 100%.

No other CEO from India’s top 4 IT companies have received such a massive boost.

If we compare, then Wipro CEO Abidali Neemuchwala’s salary increased by 34% to reach Rs 18.2 crore.

Highest Paid CEO?

Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani remains the highest paid CEO of an IT firm in India, with a salary of Rs 146.19 crore during 2017-18.

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