Android 9 Pie Hidden Features Which You Probably Didn’t Know!

Android 9 Pie focuses on privacy, security and user-experience.

Hidden features of Android 9 Pie
Hidden features of Android 9 Pie

The latest Android Pie is a major upgrade over Oreo, and the refresgire Android 9.0 OS has some sleek new-age features like gesture navigation, AI-based functions and receptive options.

Android Pie is currently available only for Pixel devices and the Essential phone, but there’s some really interesting features you will get with the all new Android 9.0 Pie. The latest Android 9.0 OS comes loaded with some exciting hidden features.

Google has started to roll out Pie to other smartphones as well, so before you grab the Pie, here are some unknown, useful and hidden Android Pie 9.0 features you need to know about.

Here’s everything about the Android 9 Pie Hidden Features below.


10 Unknown Useful Features On Android Pie | Android 9 Pie Hidden Features

The list comprises of the top features on Android 9.0 Pie and features that probably many missed out on the latest Android OS. 

Top Android 9 Pie Hidden Features –

Digital Wellbeing

You probably know about this. The company has rolled out some features that will help users to stay off their devices as much as possible with Android Pie. The Digital Wellbeing features are currently available under the beta version, and you can get the features straight on your device settings once you install the latest Android 9.0 OS.

Disable System UI Notifications

You can disable the system UI notifications on Android Pie like your battery status, system update, screenshot alerts and more. To disable your System notifications, you need to go to the UI app settings and turn off the systems alerts.

Remove Animations

On the latest Pie, you can remove the system animation via Developer options to make your system work fast. You can also find the option to remove the animations in the Accessibility menu. It helps your system to work lag-free making it snappy and faster.

Alert Slider

Like the famous OnePlus Alert Slider, the latest Android 9.0 Pie comes with a new option to ‘mute or vibrate’ your device with the help of physical buttons. Like OnePlus phones, now you can also your 9.0 Pie phone buttons as slider. You will find the option in Sound settings where you can use the Power Button and Volume Button together to Mute or Vibrate your device without even turning it on.

Automatic Auto Rotate

You no more have to turn on or off the Auto Rotate option anymore to switch to Landscape or Portrait. With Android Pie 9.0, you will get an animated rotation icon on your screen whenever you tilt your device. So, no more that annoying rotates. Android 9.0 Pie devices will not have to be rotated manually anymore.

Split The Screen

The latest Android OS has the option of splitting the screen option on the Recent apps screen. When you click on the Recent App menu, there’s a pop-up window to split the screen, pin the screen screen and app info, all at one place on 9.0 Pie.

Emergency Lockdown

Handing over the device to show something to someone will not trouble you anymore. Android Pie comes with an Emergency lockdown feature that disables the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition, and hides all sort of sensitive content on the lock screen once you turn on the feature by pressing the power button.

Standby Buckets

Android Pie comes with Standby Buckets that helps you limit the data usage of apps in the background. The feature on Android 9.0 Pie categorizes the apps to help the device access the device resources properly like CPU, battery and RAM. It has four categories: Active, Working Set, Frequent and Rare.

Feature Flags

Like Chrome, Android Pie now comes with an option of feature flags. The feature flags are basically experimental tweaks. These are generally for users and developers that help them to test out beta features or upcoming updates on these apps.

App Timer

Android 9.0 Pie will come with a special option called App Timer that will help users to set a time limit for your device uasge. Under Digital Wellbeing, the App Timer limits the usage of apps and grays out the icons on your home screen for rest of the day. It is available in the Dashboard settings.

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