Kimbho vs WhatsApp – 7 Kimbho Features WhatsApp Doesn’t Have!

Can Kimbho challenge the dominance of Whatsapp?

Can Kimbho beat Whatsapp?
Can Kimbho beat Whatsapp?

After a debacle, Patanjali is again bringing back its much-hopeful Kimbho app. The Patanjali social messaging app Kimbho is re-launching on August 27 to take on the likes of WhatsApp, Hike and Facebook.

Interestingly when launched for the first time, it broke into the top four most downloaded messaging apps under 3 hours beating Google Duo with over 1.5 million downloads.

The company was forced to withdraw the app after immense response and it couldn’t handle such traffic. Patanjali Communications is now re-launching the Kimbho app with improved features and a new back-end support.

Pitted against WhatsApp, can Patanjali establish another successful venture? Let’s find out.

7 Kimbho Features WhatsApp Doesn’t Have | Kimbho vs WhatsApp

Our Swadeshi Whatsapp is no way behind the original WhatsApp, and if compared, Kimbho packs in a number of useful features WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Here are such 7 Kimbho features WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Edit Documents In Real Time

We no more use email to mail documents. After WhatsApp launched in-app documents sharing support, it made really easy to send and receive documents and soft copies. But, with Kimbho you can not only send and receive documents, but also edit them in real time.

Multiple Device Login

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to access it via multiple devices. But with Kimbho, you can access multiple devices at the same time. It will have an unique login ID with which you can log in to multiple devices at the same time. You can also access the chat via your desktop browser

Transfer Calls From One Logged In Device To Another

Another unique feature of Kimbho app is that you can transfer a call on your current logged in device to another at your own convenience. You don’t need to disconnect or pause your call to change the devices while you are on a call.

Auto Delete Profile Picture (DP)

You can set a profile picture like WhatsApp on Kimbho. But on the Patanjali app, you can set an unique display picture and can use the auto-delete feature via the app’s settings if you want your DP to disappear after a certain period of time.

Zoom In On Video Calls

On the Kimbho app, users can zoom in into the video call during the conversation. The zoom-in video call feature will turn out to be handy feature during a poor network connection or where the internet speeds are slow.

India-Specific Emojis, Doodles & Stickers

Hike already has a set of unique India-specific emojis and stickers, but WhatsApp largely misses out on it. With Kimbho, you will get a huge set of India-specific emojis, doodles and stickers unlike WhatsApp in India.

In-App Payments

During the announcement of the re-launch of the Kimbho app, Patanjali Communications hinted that the app may come with an in-app UPI based payments feature. WhatsApp Payments is still stuck and awaits a full roll-out, so Kimbho may beat WhatsApp in there as well.

The Kimbho app is re-launching on August 27, and it will be available on both Android and iOS.


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