Apple Has Started Making Certain iPhone Models in India, OnePlus To Launch New Stores

Apple too has joined the Make in India dream now.

Apple has started making devices in India
Apple has started making devices in India (Image: iphonedigital from Flickr)

Apple recently started to manufacture iPhone 6S in India at its Bangalore facility after a good run with iPhone SE. A recent surge in import duties has forced the technology major to increase the prices of iPhones in the country.

The iPhone sales have seen a 50 percent drop since the last two quarters.

Be it the higher prices or cheaper alternative flagships, Apple has already started on work a different business model in the country. The company is now aiming at a brand-first model, where it will focus on its brand, and not volume. The new model may pay off for Apple India in long term.


Apple Has Started To Manufacture Certain iPhone Models in India

Reportedly, Apple has began manufacturing certain models of iPhone at its Bengaluru facility through a contract manufacturer. Apple already manufactures iPhone SE in the country, and also recently added iPhone 6 to its Indian production facility.

But the latest report suggests that the company is making certain number of iPhone models in India now.

The centre has informed the company is manufacturing certain iPhone models in India, but such details of private business decisions are not maintained by the Parliament.

Apple India Has Asked For Concessions & Exemptions

Apple India has already seeked help from the government to support its manufacturing unit in the country. Centre has received requests seeking concessions which also includes duty exemption on manufacturing. Apple India has seeked concessions from the government on repair units, components, and consumables required for manufacturing.

The company is facing tough competition from the Chinese OEMs in the country. Recently three senior sales executives have left the company as well, owing to difficulties in selling iPhones in India.

Apple Has Only 2 Percent Market Share in India

While the smartphone giant has done exceptional business worldwide, Apple has suffered to do good business in the country. In spite of selling 3.2 million iPhones last year, Apple could not even sell half a million units in the country in the first six months of 2018.

Apple CEO Tim Cook still believes that India will be the next China, where Apple has its second largest market outside US.

Losing Out To Samsung & OnePlus – The Decreasing Share of Apple India

Even in the premium segment where once Apple used to lead has fallen to a mere 20 percent in the first quarter of  2018. Currently, Apple India has an overall market share of around 1.5 percent to 2 percent. The iPhone sales in India rose consistently since 2014.

In the previous three years, Apple shipped nearly 8 million iPhones in India.

Now as Apple India has started to manufacture certain iPhone models, it can help Apple to build its brand presence and save on import duties, making iPhones more affordable in India helping the sales to grow.

OnePlus To Open New Stores in Mumbai, Bengaluru & Kolkata

India has now become the second headquarters for OnePlus as it’s growing at an extraordinary rate in the country. The Chinese brand today announced that it will be launching its latest retail stores in the country at Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata on 28 July.

By adding more offline stores and service centres, the company is aiming to improve the overall customer experience in India.

OnePlus is planning to open more than 10 new offline OnePlus Experience stores across the country along with an R&D centre by the end of 2018. It opened its first store at Bangalore last year.

OnePlus Student Discount – OnePlus ‘Back To School’ Offer

OnePlus is offering an exclusive ‘Back To School’ discount for students with a flat Rs 1,500 Off on its latest flagship OnePlus 6 with 20 percent off on OnePlus accessories. The OnePlus ‘Back To School’ offer is now live, and will remain valid till July 30.

With OnePlus ‘Back To School’ offer you can get a flat Rs 1,500 discount on the latest OnePlus 6 using HDFC Bank debit and credit cards. The OnePlus student discount offer is also valid on its accessories where you can avail discounts up to 20 percent.

Ths OnePlus ‘Back To School’ offer is not available on Amazon. To avail the OnePlus student discount, you need to visit the OnePlus’ online store or any of its exclusive OnePlus offline store for OnePlus ‘Back To School’ offer.

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