Elon Musk Working On Tesla Smartphone? Is It An iPhoneX Clone?

Leaked images show Elon Musk's new smartphone: Quadra.

Tesla's New Smartphone Leaked!
Tesla’s New Smartphone Leaked!

After planning how he can colonize Mars, Elon Musk is now back to earth with its first Tesla Smartphone. Amidst his bundle of innovative extrapolations, Elon Musk is reportedly working on it’s very first smartphone project, codenamed Tesla Quadra.

As per a latest leak, two photos of the front and rear panels are out, and it’s reportedly the first Tesla smartphone, Quadra.

The first Elon Musk smartphone project Quadra seems to be under development as of now, but the leaked details have revealed some key features. The Tesla smartphone will sport some revolutionary features owing to Elon Musk’s vision of path-breaking projects.

Tesla Smartphone – The Elon Musk Smartphone Project

The leak has revealed some key details of the Tesla smartphone. The leaked pictures of the Elon Musk smartphone showed some interesting developments.

Extremely Thin Bezels

The Tesla smartphone will come with extremely thin bezels as we see in the picture, the sides and bottom of the Elon Musk smartphone are bezel-less. The bezels are thin with a small notch at the top.

Notch At The Top

The Tesla Quadra will follow the latest smartphone trend, as the display will have a small notch at the top. The tesla smartphone will come with the which will have the earpiece, sensors and front camera.

Over 90 Percent Screen-To-Body Ratio

If you look closely, the Elon Musk smartphone Tesla Quadra has a thin notch and almost a no-bottom chin. The Tesla Quadra indicates that it will come with over 90 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Rear Dual Camera System

At the back, the Tesla smartphone will come with a rear dual camera system. The dual cameras will hit horizontally at the rear top left. Both the sensors are expected to come equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Steel Curved Corners

At the back, it will have a huge Tesla logo followed by a G4 branding. Coming to the bottom, the Elon Musk smartphone has a cut-out strip, which may have a rear-mounted speaker grill. On the sides, it has steel curved corners to provide a sturdy look.

Tesla OS

The Elon Musk smartphone is expected to run the latest Android with a Tesla OS skin under. Though, the makers may come up with their own exclusive OS and app store. You need to wait for that, as nothing official is still out.

There other specifications and details are not out yet, and more leaks are expected to pour in over the next few months.

Sony Launch World’s Highest Resolution Smartphone Camera

Sony already powers up top-selling camera-oriented flagships like Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus duo, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, OnePlus 6 and more. Top smartphone companies are famous to use Sony’s IMX series range of image sensors.

The new Sony sensor, IMX 586 has the world’s highest resolution image sensor for any smartphone ever made. The Sony IMX 586 sensor can offer an 8,000 x 6,000 image resolution, the highest any smartphone can offer.

Sony IMX 586 – Professional Cameras Can’t Match The Level

Top priced professional-grade cameras cannot even match the level Sony IMX 586 can offer. It has far superior image quality than all the top smartphone flagships available in the market right now.

The Sony IMX 586 will offer 0.8 micron pixels, currently the smallest any smartphone can offer.

Sony IMX 586 Sensor – High Sensitivity Shooting

The new Sony IMX 586 sensor will use a Quad Bayer colour filter which will utilise adjacent 2×2 pixels in the same colour output. It will be using the technology that will make high-sensitivity shooting possible, like the ones we see in movies.

Coming to low light photography and shooting, the new Sony IMX 586 sensor will be using four adjacent pixels adding up to the high-level sensitivity to an equivalent level of 1.6 ?m pixels.

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