Apple iPhone 6S Now Manufactured in India – Everything You Need To Know!

Apple has finally embraced Make in India movement

Apple 6s is now Make in India
Apple 6s is now Make in India (Image credit: Flickr)

As per a report, tech giant Apple has started to manufacture its second iPhone in India commercially. The Cupertino-based company has already began to locally produce iPhone 6S in India after iPhone SE. The special edition iPhone SE was the first iPhone to be manufactured commercially in the country.

Made in India iPhone 6S handsets will be manufactured at Apple’s Bengaluru facility at the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Wistron.

Launched in 2015, Apple iPhone 6S has been one of the most sold iPhones in India. Its not sure when will Made in India iPhone 6S handsets will hit the stores, but the locally manufactured iPhone 6S handsets are expected to go on sale soon.


Apple’s Locally Produced iPhones

This is second iPhone Apple will produce in the country. Made in India iPhone 6S handsets will be available soon. Apple started to produce iPhone SE in the country looking at the immense popularity of iPhone 5S in India. iPhone 5S being one of the most sold Apple iPhones in the country, the company tried to cash in with the opportunity.

Apple SE uses the same iPhone 5S body with a better processor and hardware.

iPhone 6 Series Contributes One-Third of Total Apple Sales in India

After iPhone SE, its Made in India iPhone 6S handsets up next. The production of iPhone SE is on since last may in India, but the handset hasn’t contributed much to the Apple iPhone sales in country. Though, this isn’t the case with iPhone 6S, which has been a top-seller for the company.

The iPhone 6 series has been a rage hit in India. Apple iPhone 6 series has an estimated contribution of around one-third of the total sales of iPhones in the country.

Locally Made iPhone 6S Will Be India Exclusive

The locally manufactured iPhone 6S will be exclusively sold in India. Just like its first locally produced iPhone SE, which is only available in India, the Made in India iPhone 6S handsets will be made available in the country only.

The production capacity is still low and it will take time to scale up the production to meet the market demands from other countries.

The 32GB iPhone 6S variant currently sells at Rs 42,900 and the 128GB variant at Rs 52,100.

Higher Import Duties Prompted Local Production

Apple was forced to raise the prices of the already higher-priced Apple products in the country by 6 to 7 percent earlier this year. The basic customs duty on the smartphones which are being imported was doubled to 20 percent from 10 in the new Finance bill.

In a bid to give local smartphone production a boost, the government in April again imposed an additional 10 percent customs duty on the components imported for smartphones.

Market Share Dipped, Lost Top Spot To Samsung

The market share of Apple has seen a sharp fall in the premium smartphone segment in the country. The January-March quarter saw a down due to the decline in shipments for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. The increase in import duties contributed to higher prices and lower sales.

Once a leader in the premium smartphone segment, Apple lost the spot to Samsung in the last quarter, who regained the spot by its all new Galaxy S9 series.

Following a Xiaomi Business Model?

Apple is trying to focus on its best-selling iPhones in the country, and scale up the local production. After a surge with the import duties, Xiaomi has started to produce smartphones and televisions locally. Apple is trying to follow a similar model by producing its best-selling iPhone 6S in India.

Local production will help Apple to bring down the total cost and the Made in India iPhone 6S handsets may see in the change in the prices as well.

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