Make In India; Xiaomi Ties Up With Dixon Tech To Make 55,000 Mi TVs Every Month!

Xiaomi has already experienced a massive demand, and it is not able to meet the market requirements.


Mi TV: A Part of Make In India

India’s largest smartphone brand recently forayed into the television segment, and the company is now all set to produce Mi TVs in the country. Starting with the Mi TV 4 in February early this year, the company now has a wide range of Mi Televisions available in the country.

Xiaomi has already experienced a massive demand, and it is not able to meet the market requirements. Mi Televisions offers top-quality features at budget-friendly prices and has proved to be a huge threat to some of the top television companies.

Mi TVs Will Be Part Of Make In India

Mi TV Will Now Be A Part Of Make In India
Mi TV Will Now Be A Part Of Make In India

To meet the market demand and to ensure a seamless supply, the Chinese manufacturer has now tied up with homegrown consumer electronics contract manufacturer Dixon Technologies. The duo is now planning to manufacture around 55,000 Mi television sets locally in India every month.

As per a report, the company has already partnered with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn to locally manufacture Mi Televisions in India. It is Xiaomi’s second contract with a company to produce Mi Televisions in India.

During the launch of Redmi Y2, the company revealed its upcoming Make in India plans. With its growing market in India, the company has big plans to enter into a number of consumer goods segments and at the same time will strengthen its local production capabilities as well.

Locally Produced Mi TVs From August

The new deal between Xiaomi and with Dixon Technologies plans on producing 55,000 Mi Televisions every month. Xiaomi is aiming at an August launch for the Make in India ‘Mi’ branded televisions in the country.

The production is supposed to begin as early as July at the Dixon’s newly inaugurated Tirupati plant. As per the contract, the company will start manufacturing 32-inch and 43-inch Mi sets through this arrangement in the first phase. Later Xiaomi and Dixon will expand to newer and upcoming Mi TV models.

Mi Televisions Will Become Cheaper

The contract states that the local production of the Mi Televisions will happen via “open cell” route. Xiaomi will import the television panels in an open-cell state, and Dixon Technologies will assemble it in India before ready to be used into a working television set

Currently, India has no panel fabrication facility. All television manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG import their panels from outside in open cell state to save on import duties.

Xiaomi is now paying a 20 per cent duty on its televisions from China, with an additional 2 per cent surcharge. If the company will now produce Mi Televisions locally, it will only attract 5 per cent import duty with a 1 per cent additional surcharge, which will help to bring down the prices.

Mi Televisions are going through a supply shortage throughout the range, and its local production will help the company to cope up with the demand. The Make in India Xiaomi initiative will help to boost up the supply, and the local production in India will also ensure that Mi TVs are easily available before the festive season kicks in.

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