41 Smartphone Brands Left India In 2018; Out Of 200, 15 Will Leave India In 2019 (Report)

Cybermedia Research and Counterpoint Research have released their reports on smartphone brands in India.

Indian smartphone shop in India
Indian smartphone shop in India

The progress and advancement of technology and smartphones have launched a war between smartphone companies. In India, following the principle of ‘survival of the fittest,’ as much as 41 companies have left India, due to cut-throat competition.

At the same time, 15 brands had entered the market in 2018, but brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo have eaten away their shares.

These brands have defeated smaller brands and are climbing the ladders of success. These reports are according to the data shared by Cybermedia Research and Counterpoint Research.

Results of the Researches

2018 has been a witness to the exit of these companies – Kenxinda, YXTEL, ZUK, Billion, OBI, TCL, Acer, Datawind, Leeco, and Comio and more.

Counterpoint Research has estimated the exit of 15 smartphone companies in 2019, and entry of five.

Whereas, Cybermedia Research has predicted nine new entries and ten exits in 2019. Currently, around 200 smartphone companies have their market in India and in 2014 – 2015, when smartphones were the hype and smartphone market was at its peak, there were 300 smartphones companies in the market, competing against each other.

As per CMR’s reports, Chinese smartphone brands, viz. Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, had together taken over a market share of 46% in 2018, while Indian brands, like Micromax, Lava, Intex and Karbonn were left with a meagre 8% in the same time span. The reports also specified that Samsung had a hold over 26% market share which left 16% market share to smaller smartphone companies in India.

Some of the companies that are expected to exit India’s smartphone market in 2019 are Rokea, Puncher, OKWU, Lychee, Sony, Mediacom, Forstar, Centric.

Experts’ Comments

Navkendar Singh, who is the associate research director, devices and ecosystem, India & South Asia, IDC said, “India becomes important also in terms of a huge hitherto untapped base for smartphone consumers in next three-five years along with favorable manufacturing policies and ecosystem development efforts by the government.”

He also highlighted the clever ways implemented some innovative techniques, mixed and matched ideas and technology to provide high-end smartphones to the public. This way, they maintain their popularity and remain at the top of the economy as well. Smaller brands are unable to meet high standards and expectations of the smartphone using public and crumble.

Prabhu Ram, head-IIG, CyberMedia Research, said, “China-based Realme was a standout hit in the India market in 2018. Realme’s success shows that there is still a market for new players. India offers growth opportunities not just in Tier-1 cities, but beyond.”

Counterpoint Research’s analyst, Shobhit Srivastava said that the growing e-commerce channel plays a huge role in the entrance of smartphone companies in India and an ever-increasing market of smartphone users.

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