Qualcomm Building An Intelligent Wireless Network; Launches Snapdragon 710!

The American chip-making giant Qualcomm is working on building an intelligent wireless network that can transform the world.


Qualcomm Building An Intelligent Wireless Network

The American chip-making giant Qualcomm is working on building an intelligent wireless network that can transform the world. The company is trying to develop devices which can talk to each other for a seamless transition, configure and protect itself against any threat.

The company also launched its latest Snapdragon 710 mobile platform which will come with neural processing capabilities and a multi-core AI engine on board. Being the first mobile platform in the 700-tier portfolio, Snapdragon 710 will have neural networking and AI features to boost up entry-premium and mid-range Android flagships.


Intelligent Wireless Network: The Future Of WiFi

Qualcomm is helping to build an intelligent wireless network where all the content can be delivered wirelessly, anytime and anywhere. A wireless network which will take care of itself and will need no user intervention. The intelligent Wi-Fi network will come with self-configuring features within the routers, extenders and other supported devices.

This network can auto-discover and can configure itself without any management. The company is trying to build a network with performance optimisation and self-control which will automatically reconfigure when a problem arises, by defending itself against any threat.

The network will learn on its own and will adapt to the user’s behaviour with the use of IoT and AI.

Snapdragon 710 For Premium Mid-Range Smartphones

The newly-launched AI-powered mobile platform will come with neural networking processing and other advanced inputs. The Snapdragon 710 will available in the market by the second half of this year.

The new Snapdragon processor will target the mid-range flagships and entry-premium Android devices to bring several high-end smartphone features to the affordable devices.

Snapdragon 710 – New Features & Additions

Built on a 10nm architecture, the Snapdragon 710 will come with both performance enhancements, better optimization and an improved battery life.

Better Low Light Photography

The new mobile platform will come with improved low-light photography and image stabilization which will be able to capture super-resolution photos with up to 32MP single ISP. In a dual set-up, it will support 20MP dual ISP. Additionally, it will also support 4K HDR playback.

Snapdragon 710
Snapdragon 710

Improved Face ID/Unlock

With the trend of Face Unlock, the Snapdragon 710 will come with improved Face ID/ Unlock capabilities. The new chipset will have a wider range of colour gamut with enhanced features and improvements.

Faster Download Speeds

The new mobile platform will be powered by the all-new X15 LTE modem which can now support up to 800 Mbps download speeds. It packs in an advanced suite of wireless technologies which includes enhanced Wi-Fi features, Bluetooth v5 multicast audio and support for ultra-low power wireless buds.

Improved Battery Performance

The Snapdragon 710 will consume 40 percent less power for both gaming and 4K HDR video playback. The new mobile platform can optimize to support up to 25 percent faster web-browsing with 15 percent faster app launch time compared to Snapdragon 660.

Faster Charging

Snapdragon 710 devices will support the latest Snapdragon Quick Charge 4+ technology. Smartphones using the latest platform can get up to 50 percent battery charge within just 15 minutes.

AI & Neural Networking

Snapdragon 710 has been specifically built to support artificial intelligence and neural networking. With a multi-core AI Engine on board, the SD 710 devices will support premium quality photos and seamless 4K HDR videos.

Snapdragon 710 vs Snapdragon 660 – How Much Better?

Snapdragon 660 is the current top choice among the mid-range flagship Android phones. Snapdragon 710 is an upgrade over the SD 660, and the company has claimed that the latest mobile platform will be able to deliver up to two times the performance Snapdragon 660 delivers when running AI applications.

The SD 710 chipset will also include AI and neural networking backed photography and voice systems. It also sports in a new Qualcomm SpectraTM 250 ISP which been designed to improve low-light photography, videos, image stabilization and rapid movement of autofocus capabilities.

According to the company, the new architecture on the Snapdragon 710 will offer “significantly” improved and enhanced performance over the existing 600-tier series. Snapdragon 710 will optimize the device for a 25 percent faster web-browsing and 15 percent faster app launch time compared to its predecessor Snapdragon 660.

The latest mobile platform will make it to the new Android flagships by the end of 2018.

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