Facebook Will Now Simplify Two-Factor Authentication; Will Use Google Authenticator For Security!

Before this update, Facebook’s Two-factor authentication used a mobile phone number for authenticating the user, and provide them with a safe passage.


Facebook Will Now Simplify Two-Factor Authentication

World’s largest social media network: Facebook, has announced an easier and seamless Two-factor authentication for all users.

However, there is a twist in the tale here, because now, Facebook will use Google Authenticator for the same purpose!

Is there any underhand, secret deal between Google and Facebook here?

We will try to find out.

Facebook’s New Two-Factor Authentication!

Facebook has announced via a blog post that they have revamped their security for all users, and in this endeavour, they have made their Two-Factor Authentication easier, and more seamless.

Mainly, there are two changes which have been implemented:

  1. The process of employing Two-Factor Authentication by users has now been made easier, and seamless.
  2. Two-Factor Authentication is now independent of a mobile number. This means that users will be no required need to submit their mobile number for passing the Two-Factor Authentication.

Scott Dickens, product manager at Facebook said,

“Two-factor authentication is an industry best practice for providing additional account security and we just made it easier to set up.”

What Exactly Is Changing Here?

Before this update, Facebook’s Two-factor authentication used a mobile phone number for authenticating the user, and provide them with a safe passage to the portal.

But it seems that hacking a SIM has become easier, and considering this fact, Facebook will now bypass the requirement of a mobile phone number for Two-factor authentication.

Google Will Be Used For Facebook’s Security?

Yes! This is the big news.

In order to bypass the need for a mobile number for Two-factor authentication, Facebook will now use third-party apps and tool, mainly: Google Authenticator and Duo Security.

This Two-factor authentication uses alternative, hardware dependent authentication process, wherein mobile number would not be required for verifying the account.

For instance, Google Authenticator uses HOTP and TOTP algorithms for generating one-time passwords, which can be used to authenticate the Facebook account.

It can also include a QR code based verification and can work without any Internet coverage as well.

How Can You Activate This Two-factor authentication?

The process is indeed simple.

All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ option via right hand side menu (top right, on desktops)
  • Step 2: Click ‘Security and Login’.
  • Step 3: Click ‘Use two-factor authorization’, and get started.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out, Facebook has received warnings from the Govt. of India. They have induced several new measures to protect the privacy of the users.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.

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