Indian Rail Will Save 10 Lakh Trees By Going Online; Tickets Now In Regional Languages Too!

Railways will now ask the applicants to appear for exams online, and hence, will replace bulky question paper with the online process.


Indian Rail Will Save 10 Lakh Trees By Going Online

This is a case study, which should be taught in management schools.

Indian Railways is all set to conduct world’s largest online recruitment drive, and because of going online, will save 10 lakh trees!

Meanwhile, Indian Railways has decided to print train tickets in regional languages as well. But, this facility has only been introduced across some locations.

Indian Rail Will Save 10 Lakh Trees!

In February, we had reported that Indian Railways will recruit 90,000 employees under their current recruitment drive.

Not surprisingly, around 2.3 crore people applied for these 90,000 jobs.

Now, if Indian Rail had used paper and pen-based examination, then it would have been disastrous for nature: They would have needed 7.5 crore paper sheets, or 10 lakh trees would have been destroyed.

Railways will now ask the applicants to appear online, and hence, will replace bulky question paper with the online process.

One Railway official said,

“One applicant generally requires three-four paper sheets of A4 size to write the examination. So with the whole exercise going online, the Railways has saved a significant quantity of paper sheets,”

The ongoing recruitment process is for jobs ranging from loco pilot to technician, trackman, gateman and pointsman.

The fees for world’s largest online recruitment drive is Rs 250 for SC/ST candidates, and Rs 500 for general candidates. While Rs full amount of Rs 250 shall be returned to the SC/ST candidate, Rs 400 out of Rs 500 shall be cancelled for the general candidate.

This extra refundable fee has been designed to keep non-serious candidates out.

Train Tickets Now in Regional Languages

The issue of printing train tickets in regional languages have finally received a boost.

Starting yesterday, passengers from two cities in Kerala, and two cities in Tamil Nadu would be now able to get unreserved train tickets in their regional languages.

In Kerala, the cities are Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam and in Tamil Nadu, the cities are Palakkad, and Kozhikode.

Hence, the unreserved tickets in Malayalam and Tamil can be now booked for any 9500 railway stations, across India.

Chief Commercial Manager (Passenger Marketing), Southern Railway, J. Vinayan said,

“We are issuing unreserved tickets in local language through one counter in six selected stations. The trial run will go on for two to three days so as to find out any glitches. It will be extended to other counters of these stations and remaining stations in a phased manner,”

Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) which provides the back-end technical support for Indian Railways has upgraded their systems for booking tickets in regional languages now.

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  1. Harshil says

    This is an amazing initiative by Indian Railways Board. This is what the students should be thought in schools rather than just providing theoretical knowledge.

    What if all the schools in India conduct the exams online? If not online, at least on their local computers? Just imagine the number of trees which can be saved in this process?

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