Good News For Internet Users: Minimum Broadband Speed Will Be 2 Mbps Soon!

Ookla’s recent speed test report places us in 67th position, up from 76 in the last ranking.


Minimum Broadband Speed Will Be 2mbps

As of now, despite the fact that almost every telecom operator provides 4G internet speed, India ranks dismally low in the global ranking of Internet speeds.

In February, the position of India’s internet speed hit rock bottom, we were ranked lowest in the whole world when it comes to 4G speed.

Ookla’s recent speed test report places us in 67th position, up from 76 in the last ranking.

Being an Internet user, these statistics and ranking have a demoralizing effect on everyone.

However, now things seem to be changing.

Indian Govt.: 2 Mbps Should Be Minimum Broadband Speed

Right now, a speed of 512 Kbps is termed as broadband in India, which is actually a joke, to say the least.

As per reports coming in, Indian Govt. has asked Department of Telecom or DoT to increase the standards, and make it 2 Mbps as the minimum broadband speed.

If this happens, then it shall be an increment of 4-times from the current level.

If we believe the reports, then all documentation and paperwork regarding this new initiative have been taken, and a formal announcement is likely to be made towards April end.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is right now waiting for a final approval, which will be taken after a high-level meeting of DoT officials, as per sources.

World Bank has already declared that there is a direct correlation between the GDP growth of a nation and its internet speed, and it is high time that Govt. makes it faster.

Will Telcos Support This New Definition of Broadband?

As of now, telecom operators have expressed confidence that they will be able to meet the new criteria of broadband speed, if finalized by the Govt.

Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), which is the strongest lobby of telecom operators (except Jio), has supported this initiative, and have informed that all telcos will support Govt. in ensuring that broadband speed increases.

COAI DG Rajan Mathews said said,

“We support the need for increased broadband speeds, as this is a feature demanded increasingly by our customers, who are increasingly switching to smart phones and consuming increasing amounts of data. Increasing investments will need to be made by our operators in network infrastructure to meet this demand,”

However, Rajan reminded the Govt. about high infrastructure costs associated with high speed Internet, and about 30% levies and taxes being charged by the Govt. on telecom operators.

Interesting, US telecommunications regulator has already made 25 Mbps downstream as the minimum broadband speed, that too way back in 2015.

Now, can India has atleast 2 Mbps as minimum broadband speed?

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