Indian Telcos’ Moment Of Shame: India Has Worst 4G Speed In The Entire World!

A new OpenSignal report has stated that India has the worst 4G speed in the entire world. Even Pakistan has better 4G speeds.


India Has The Worst 4G Speed In The World

Newton’s 3rd Law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Not only physics, but this law holds true in the telecom industry as well.

At a time when the price-conscious Indian is celebrating ultra cheap data packs and sub-Rs 100 plans which gets them 1GB per day, we have been sliding down in the average 4G speed ranking.

In fact, the slide has been so disastrous that we have hit the rock bottom.

Literally, and figuratively.

Welcome to India, where we have the worst 4G speed in the whole world.

Even Pakistan has better 4G speed than us.

Things can’t go worse from here.

OpenSignal Report: India Has Worst 4G Speed

UK based OpenSignal, which ranks and explores mobile experience globally, especially mobile Internet speeds, has ranked India as the slowest nation with 4G speed.

They tracked 4G LTE speed across 88 countries, and none of the countries managed to have worse speed than what India has.

For the entire telecom industry, this is a moment of shame.

The report seems credible because they tracked 58,752,909,949 measurements across 4,852,320 test devices between October to December 2017 to arrive at this conclusion.

Poorer, less developed countries like Costa Rica, Pakistan, Peru etc have been ranked above us. In fact, every country is ranked above India in the 4G speed ranking.

This time, Singapore has topped the chart of the speed ranking, followed by The Netherlands and Norway.

Indonesia, Algeria and India are the worst three countries for 4G speed, with India’s average clocking at 5.1 Mbps download speed.

The Silver Lining: 4G Availability

The report says that 86% of Indians have 4G availability, which makes us #14 in the global ranking for 4G availability.

This is no doubt a good position to be in, considering that India is the most populous country among all 88 countries tracked for the ranking. China is not present in this list.

This way, we beat countries like the UK and even Singapore. Earlier, OpenSignal has predicted that India will have 100% 4G penetration by the end of 2018.

Sri Lanka, El Salvador and Algeria are the bottom three countries on this list, while South Korea, Japan and Norway are the top three countries.

As per OpenSignal, the average speed of 4G/LTE was clocked at 16.9 Mbps, while for 3G, it was clocked at 4.1 Mbps. Thankfully, India’s 4G speed is a bit higher than global 3G speed!

This is time for some serious introspection by TRAI and entire Telecom Industry of India, and hopefully, this report will stir them into some concrete action.

We are keeping our fingers crossed.

You can find the report here.

  1. Rahul Juneja says

    It’s important for the telecom company to take responsibility for any mistakes or failures and take steps to address them. This could include issuing an apology, implementing new policies or procedures, or offering compensation or remedies to affected customers. It’s also important for the company to be transparent and communicate clearly with customers and the public about what happened and what is being done to prevent similar incidents in the future.

    Overall, the key to handling a “moment of shame” is to show empathy, take responsibility, and take meaningful action to address the situation.

  2. karan says

    I have tried every network but ji is best in it.

  3. Mohit Singla says

    India’s average clocking at 5.1 Mbps download speed.

    That is also wrong its not 5.1 Mbps, Its near about 1 – 2 Mbps not even touching 3.1 Mbps Ever.

    1. Jay says

      Yup….5.1 is equally a dubious figure.The speeds offered by telcos is so pathetic that there hardly seems to be any difference between 3G and 4G.

      1. Numair Ali Aidroos says

        I’m crossing 12 Mbps on JIO and flat 10 Mbps on Airtel. However these are downstream measures, upstream is 600 Kbps on Airtel and 1.6 to 3.1 Mbps on JIO. Perhaps it’s the location or the hours of congestion, but I’ve never surpassed these figures.

  4. Asma Rajpoot says

    Dont worry Jio will do evrything right .Love Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio Jio

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