India Beats US, China In Improving Internet Speed; 22.82 Mbps Is Global Average Of Mobile Speed

But overall, India's performance has been dismal.

Internet speed in 2018
Internet speed in 2018

SpeedTest is world’s #1 platform for checking out and comparing Internet speed: Both on mobile and fixed line. The parent company of Speedtest, Ookla has just come out with their analysis of 2018, in terms of mobile and fixed-line Internet speed, all over the world.

There is both good news and bad news for India here.

The Good News: India Beats China In Improving Internet Speed

When it comes to improving existing mobile and fixed-line Internet speed, then India has successfully beaten China. That’s the good news.

India has beaten US as well, when it comes to fixed line Internet speed.

Compared to 2017, India’s average mobile internet speed improved by 15.2%, whereas China’s decreased by 5.8%. And in the fixed Internet speed ranking, India’s speed improved by 50%, whereas Chinese improved by 42%, and Americans improved by 37%.

The Bad News: India Still At The Bottom

In the comparison of speeds among world’s 5 most populous countries, India is still at the bottom, for mobile internet.

Indian was able to access mobile internet at a paltry speed of 9.11 Mbps, whereas Chinese accessed 30.96 Mbps speed, Americans 28.56 Mbps, Brazil 18.25 Mbps and even Indonesia was able to access 10.39 Mbps speed.

In the fixed line Internet speed ranking, India has barely beaten Brazil: While India had 23 Mbps speed, Brazil had 22.95 Mbps. China had 76 Mbps average speed for fixed line, while Americans had 92.77 Mbps.

Global Internet Speed Improved By 15%

Globally, 2018 brought good news for all.

Internet speed improved by 15% for mobiles, as 22.82 Mbps has been declared as the average download speed. 9.19 Mbps was the average upload speed, which improved by 11%.

Fixed line or broadband internet speed improved by 26% to reach 46.12 Mbps as average download speed. 22.44 Mbps was the average upload speed, which improved by 26% as well.

Countries With the Fastest Internet Speed

Norway has world’s fastest mobile internet speed at 63.9 Mbps, followed by Iceland, Qatar, Singapore and Netherlands at 58 Mbps, 55 Mbps, 54 Mbps and 53 Mbps speed respectively.

Singapore has world’s fastest fixed line internet speed at 175.13 Mbps, followed by Iceland, Hongkong, South Korea and Romania at 153 Mbps, 138 Mbps, 114 Mbps and 109 Mbps respectively.

You can find the full report here.

It is clear that India needs some massive infrastructural growth and investments to beat these countries in Internet speed.

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