Fixed Broadband Speed Improves in India; Mumbai Is Worst, Chennai Is Best!

After the disappointment showcased by OpenSignal’s report in February this year, there is some good news finally.


Fixed Broadband Speed Improved In India

Ookla has just released their quarterly report on Internet speed for fixed broadband and mobile internet, all over the world.

After the disappointment showcased by OpenSignal’s report in February this year, there is some good news finally.

OpenSignal’s report had ranked India lowest in 4G speed.

Ookla SpeedTest: India Improves Broadband Speed!

In their latest ranking, India has been placed at #67, compared to #76 in their last ranking which was released in November last year.

From 18.82 Mbps speed in November, the average broadband speed for download has now reached 20.72 Mbps. The global average is 42.71 Mbps for download speed in the fixed broadband niche.

India has improved in upload speeds too. Right now, the upload speed is 16.09 Mbps, up from 15 Mbps in 2017. In this, the global average is 20.39 Mbps.

However, the improvement registered by India in fixed broadband speed last year has still not been breached. Last year, India’s broadband speed improved by 42.4%, thereby beating countries like China, US and UK in this aspect.

Globally, once again, Singapore and Norway topped the charts.

While Singapore had an amazing speed of 161.53 Mbps, Norway recorded the highest mobile broadband speed of 62.07 Mbps.

Chennai Has Fastest Broadband Speed; Mumbai Has Slowest!

Within India, Chennai registered fastest fixed broadband internet speed at 32.67 Mbps, which is certainly more than the national average.

Meanwhile, Mumbai registered slowest broadband speed at 12.07 Mbps (among metros), which is 4 Mbps lower than the national average.

The top 5 Indian metros in broadband speed are:

  1. Chennai
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Delhi
  5. Mumbai

For mobile broadband, India’s ranking was same as last year: 109.

While download speed for mobile broadband stood at 9.01 Mbps, upload speed was 3.66 Mbps.

If we talk about globally, then the average came to 22.16 Mbps and 9.01 Mbps respectively for download and upload. Interestingly, in mobile broadband speed, countries such as Singapore, South Korea have lost considerable rank.

These countries were traditionally always in the top ranks. Countries such as Iceland, Qatar and Netherlands have come up after beating them.

Ookla records and ranks Internet speed via their SpeedTest app. You can find the complete ranking right here.

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