Netflix Partners With Whatsapp For Their Business Solutions!

WhatsApp can be the perfect platform for Netflix to increase user engagement among Indians.


Netflix Partners WhatsApp For Business Solutions

The bonhomie between brands and WhatsApp for expanding their reach and functionalities have increased, and latest to join the bandwagon is Netflix, world’s most popular on-demand entertainment platform.

As per reports coming in, Netflix is testing a new recommendation feature for WhatsApp users, and after Bookmyshow, they will become the 2nd brand to use newly launched WhatsApp’s business solutions.

Will this partnership work?

WhatsApp + Netflix = More Business?

Some users have claimed to witness a unique offering on their Netflix account, wherein they are being asked to allow Netflix to send movie/TV shows recommendations via WhatsApp.

One such screenshot was shared on Twitter recently.

Both Netflix and WhatsApp have confirmed this development, and it is now clear that the partnership is on.

As per WhatsApp, Netflix is one of their ‘test partners for its enterprise solution in India’; and Netflix has confirmed that they are integrating some features with WhatsApp in India.

WhatsApp has over a billion users globally and 200 million+ users in India, and the partnership seems a perfect solution for expanding their user base.

Imagine you are chatting with a friend and just happen to say that you are feeling bored, and want to watch a new, exciting TV show.

Netflix can immediately suggest a new TV show, based on the consumption habit of that user, and the purpose would be solved. This is our own assumption right now, and nothing official has come out as to how this partnership will work.

Whatsapp’s Business Solutions Are Expanding

Earlier, we had reported how WhatsApp is now fully focussed on monetization of their massive platform, as evident from the blog post of their founder.

Their #1 monetization plan is to enable paid chats between brands and users, using WhatsApp as the platform.

And Bookmyshow has already kick-started this operation recently. As soon as your ticket is booked, Bookmyshow’s chatbot will contact you via WhatsApp, and send in details of your tickets and more.

This is still in testing phase, and a full-blown rollout is expected any moment now.

Overall, Netflix’s partnership with WhatsApp seems a good move from both the sides, as other brands will get a live case study as to how WhatsApp can help their businesses to move forward.

And as for Netflix, they will get an engaged user base to push their content.

Maybe business solutions by Whatsapp are all set for an eventful journey here.

We will keep you updated.

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  1. Vain says

    I think WhatsApp is now moving towards providing the complete business solution to the companies. With their popular chat software now they will be having business chat software which enables the companies to use the WhatsApp for their customer support. Another thing that I have noticed is the WhatsApp AI feature will give an edge to the business in automating the chat software to provide customer support. There are several companies available online who are putting efforts to embed the AI feature in the chat software. For WhatsApp it is not hard get into the business with large data that they already have in the place.

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