Whatsapp Testing Silent Exit From Groups: You Can Exit & No One Will Come To Know About Your Exit!

Whatsapp Testing Silent Exit From Groups: You Can Exit & No One Will Come To Know About Your Exit!
Whatsapp Testing Silent Exit From Groups: You Can Exit & No One Will Come To Know About Your Exit!

WhatsApp has turned its focus on groups and communities and on making sure that sharing content and leaving group chats is easier. 

WABetaInfo reports that a future update will allow users to exit a group and only the group admins will know.


No More Banner Announcing Exit

So with this, there will no longer be a banner announcing when a user has left the group advertising the move to everyone in the group.

The feature is still under development and will take some time to reach beta users.

But it is expected to be made available for Android, iOS, and desktop users, although when that will be we don’t know.

What’s In Store For Us 

Upcoming features include being able to add up to 512 people to a single group, upped from the limit of 256.

It’s also going to introduce a Communities tab meant to make group admins handle all their groups better.

It also has plans in store for Business accounts.

Premium Subscription

One such is WhatsApp premium subscription which will, among other things, allow business accounts to link up to 10 devices to the same account and would also work on multi-device connectivity.

This is a paid feature for businesses to gain certain features and capabilities that will enhance their communication and visibility.

They’ll be able to create unique custom business links which ordinary users can use to contact the businesses.

Another notable move by the company has been introducing new chat filters feature which will be exclusive to business accounts (for now) and allow them to manage multiple chats more efficiently.


There will be 4 filters available to users.

Unread: Users can filter out all unread chats that will show up after selecting this filter

Contacts: With this,  the user can see a list of all contacts saved in the contact list.

Non-contacts: All unsaved number chats will be filtered out, so the user will be able to generate a list of all their unknown chats.

Groups: WhatsApp will show a full list of all groups the user is a part of or has been in the past. 


The chat filters feature is currently in beta and can only be used by WhatsApp Desktop beta v2.2216.40

It will come to stable versions of WhatsApp Business later, along with other features that the platform has been developing.

Some of those are quick replies and identification of ‘legal’ names of those who have enabled UPI payments in the app.

WhatsApp is also getting other long awaited features such as the ability to transfer files up to 2GB, emoji reactions, ability to add more people to WhatsApp groups and more.

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