Big Update For 50 Crore Indian Whatsapp Users: Soon, Edit Your Message, After Sending It!

It reportedly started working on the edit feature five years ago but scrapped it soon after.

WhatsApp is testing a feature which will add an edit button and allow users to edit their messages after sending them.

There is no dedicated edit option currently- once sent, the message can only be deleted.

As always, Wabetainfo, the website that tracks all the WhatsApp-related developments, broke the news first. 


Second Attempt

WhatsApp already has made some big changes to messaging, such as the feature to react to messages.

It reportedly started working on the edit feature five years ago but scrapped it soon after.

Back in 2016, WABetaInfo had reported that the app could get Edit and Revoke options.

WhatsApp, however, did not provide them for use even to its beta testers at the time.

Instead, it introduced the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature in November 2017.

How It Appears

A screenshot shared by Wabetainfo shows an edit option when a sent message is selected.

It would appear alongside the existing Info and Copy options that appear once the user long-presses a text message.

Users will be able to use the feature by selecting Edit from the pop-up menu after long-pressing the text message.

Available To All, Eventually

The screenshot has been taken from a recent version of WhatsApp for Android beta.

However the feature will eventually be available for iOS and desktop users as well.

There are already options to copy and forward the messages and the edit feature could be the next. 

Upon selecting the edit button, the user can correct any typo or whatever they wish after the text is sent. 

Cannot See Edit History

The Wabetainfo report said that it is unlikely that an edit history option will be added which would allow one to check previous versions of edited messages.

But this may change since this feature is under development.

It should also be noted that unlike other text messages, you will not be able to delete the edited text.

Other Details Unknown

Details about the time window to let people edit their messages are unknown at the moment but the site has promised to update everyone once it gets any info.

Since this feature is under development it is uncertain when the feature will be ready for a stable update, but WhatsApp may roll it out soon to more beta users.

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