Is TikTok Coming Back To India? This Is What We Know So Far..

Is TikTok Coming Back To India? This Is What We Know So Far..
Is TikTok Coming Back To India? This Is What We Know So Far..

Speculations are rife that TikTok, world’s biggest short-video platform is making a comeback in India, albeit with a very interesting partnership.

This is what we know so far..

Comeback of TikTok Possible?

As per a report published by Economic Times, TikTok’s parent company: ByteDance is about to strike a deal with a leading read-estate company in India, and enable the return of TikTok in India.

If we believe the reports, then ByteDance is in talks with Hiranandani Group, one of the biggest real-estate behemoths in India, to forge a path for TikTok’s return to India.

Note here, that Hiranandani Groups has now diversified into education, IT services and more verticals, and they run and operate data centers under their subsidiary Yotta Infrastructure Solutions. It’s the largest data center in India, and 2nd largest in Asia.

If a deal between Hiranandani Group and  ByteDance goes through, then the data of TikTok users in India can be stored at their data centers, thereby meeting Govt regulations related to users’ data.

An unnamed Govt official said, “There have been no formal talks with us yet. But, we have been informed of the plans. As and when they come to us for approvals, we will examine their request.”

TikTok Is Banned In India

In 2020, Govt of India banned TikTok along with 58 other short video apps, citing data privacy and user’s privacy issues. Govt was not happy that TikTok is sending Indian users’ data to its Chinese servers.

As a result, the app was immediately banned, and TikTok closed down entirely in 2021 after it winded up its operations in India.

As per report, if TikTok makes a comeback in India, then they will hire all previous employees, and start full fledged operations.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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