WhatsApp Message Deleted By Accident? These Users Can Undo Deletion!

WhatsApp is working on several new features, one of which is an undo feature to recover messages deleted by mistake.

WhatsApp Message Deleted By Accident? These Users Can Undo Deletion!

It released the “undo delete messages” feature to some beta users on WhatsApp beta for Android.

It is now releasing the same on iOS beta.


How it works

With this update users will be able to restore a deleted message by clicking on “undo” if they delete it by clicking on the option “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone”.

When a message is deleted by using the option “delete for me”, a snackbar shows up by informing the user that the message has been deleted but can be restored by tapping “undo”.

So the quickest way to check if the feature is available for your account is to delete a message for yourself.

You should know

The update will only allow users to recover the messages deleted from their chat window.

Messages deleted for all will not be recovered.

Additionally, users will only get a few seconds to restore deleted messages.

If the snack bar disappears and a user does not use the undo feature, then they won’t be able to recover deleted messages later.


Users can get the update by updating WhatsApp to the beta available on TestFlight.

For now it is released to only a few iOS beta testers and will be available to more beta testers in the coming weeks.

Recently, WhatsApp added the ability to view status updates within the chat list.

The feature has been released to some beta testers.

Screenshot blocking

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced three new upcoming privacy features which would give users more control over their conversations and layers of protection when messaging.

Screenshot blocking is one such feature.

With this, when the recipient of a “view once” message tries to take a screenshot, the screenshot will be automatically blocked, but the sender will not receive any notification.

However, a user can still take photos using a secondary phone or camera.

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