Jio’s 4G Speed Improves By 50%! The Reason Is Astonishing!

Reliance Jio has been included in the BrandZ India Top 50 list this year


Jio 4G Speeds Increase

Reliance Jio, which has been included in the BrandZ India Top 50 list this year (for the first time), has shown astonishing and remarkable improvement in their 4G Internet speed.

This observation was made by Open Signal, while preparing their next State of Internet report for Indian telecom industry.

But the question is: How did Jio achieve this transformation?

We will soon find out.

Jio’s 4G Speed Increased 49% In Last 6 Months

As per OpenSignal, Jio users are now getting an average speed of 5.8 Mbps, which is almost 50% more of what they were getting during December-February phase, which was 3.9 Mbps.

This speed calculation has been done for OpenSignal users, who are on Jio network, and the comparison has been divided into 5 three-months periods: Starting from December to July this year.


What Is The Reason Behind This Astonishing Speed?

The report from OpenSignal attempts to demystify the reasons, behind Jio’s astonishing improvement of close to 50% in Internet speed:

During the initial 170 days of the launch, Jio was able to create a World record by amassing 100 million subscribers. Never in the history of business, any corporation was able to entice so many users, within such a short time. However, with this world record, came several issues as well: mainly of Internet speed. As we reported in February, Jio users were found to be using three times more data, compared to any other telecom operator, and this was because Jio was free till April, 2017.

The report says, “While the operator topped the 4G network availability chart in our India analysis, Jio ranked last in 4G speed as its millions of data-hungry customers competed for capacity on its LTE network.”

In February, Jio’s 4G speed dropped by 50%, and in July, OpenSignal reported that Airtel’s speed is three times better than Jio.

Hence, the possible reason is that as the free offers ended, people started ditching Jio, and with less users, bandwidth performance improved, and Jio’s speed increased.

The report says: “It could be that customers started fleeing once the free data promotion ended..” (however, as per a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research in March, 84% of Jio users were supposed to be retaining the services)

The second reason, as per OpenSignal, can be the fact that paid Jio customers are now using less data, compared to before when the data was free. This can also be a plausible reason, as financial constraints can limit the data usage, thereby releasing more bandwidth for other users.

Nonetheless, improved 4G speed by Jio is a reality now, something which OpenSignal’s upcoming report will prove more extensively.

If you are a Jio customer, then do let us know your experience, by commenting right here!

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