Jio Users Consume 3 Times More Data Compared To Others; But Jio’s Call Drops Remain a Concern: Truecaller Insights


Reliance Calls Airtel’s PoI Claim “Misleading”, Over 53% Of Jio Calls Still Fail On Airtel Network

Truecaller, which claimed 10 crore users in India way back in 2015, no doubt commands an impressive amount of data pertaining to Indian telecom users. Considering the app track everything, they know when and where the call is being made, and approximately which telecom service provider is being used for consuming data.

Consolidating these crucial data points, in an anonymous mode, Truecaller has come out with their quarterly ‘TrueInsights Report’ for last quarter of 2016. And the facts unveiled clearly showcases the meteoric rise of Jio among Indian telecom users.

Jio has 23% Market Share Among Truecaller Users

Among all Truecaller users, Jio is placed at the 2nd position with 23 percent market share. The graph below clearly shows the stunning rise in the number of Jio users.

Truecaller users by operator

Jio Users Consume 3-Times More Data

One of the startling facts which Truecaller has found out is the pattern of data usage among mobile Internet users. And Jio has caused an actual disruption in this regard.

The findings point out the fact that Jio users are consuming 3-times more data compared to other telecom users. This perfectly correlates with our report from last month, which showcased that 42% of all 4G users in India are using Jio as their primary data source. Besides, we had found that Jio users are consuming 6.54 GB of data, compared to 1.25-1.30 GB consumed by users of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

No wonder Airtel’s profit reduced by 54%, meanwhile Idea, RCom posted their first ever losses and Vodafone is all red with poor performance.

Truecaller has found that total mobile internet users in India will cross 500 million by the end of 2017, and if Jio’s free offers continue, then the majority of the new users would belong to the Jio camp.

But.. Jio’s Voice Service Is Indeed Bad

If we focus only on the quality of voice calls for Jio network, the insights shown by Truecaller proves that the service is indeed bad.

For instance, nationwide, Jio users make the shortest call as an average call last less than 30 seconds, compared to Vodafone, whose average call is of 41 seconds duration.

Jio Median Call Duration

Now, combine this the fact that Jio users make the most number of calls, compared to other telecom users. Short calls, but higher number of calls means that calls get disconnected due to network issues, and the user has to again make a call.

The report points out: “If overlaid with the average call duration, it does seem like the data points to some unintended usage patterns, such as Jio sims primarily being used for data or an increased amount of dropped calls and hence redials on the Jio network.”

Average calls per operator

Besides, some other interesting facts which emerged from the True Insights:

  • Delhi reported maximum number of new Jio users, anywhere in the country
  • However, Vodafone has a strong loyalty among Delhi-NCR & Mumbai mobile users
  • Maharashtra’s favourite telecom company is Idea Cellular
  • Kolkata users (all networks) claimed longest median call duration of 42.17 seconds, compared to Jammu & Kashmir, where median call duration was shortest at 28.63 seconds.

It seems that Jio, which is India’s first VoLTE only network needs to drastically improve their voice capability if they want complete dominance of Indian telecom market.

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