Jio Primary Data Source For 42% of 4G Users; Freebies By Jio Triggers Massive Data Usage Across India


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Mukesh Ambani’s tsunami to capture telecom market in India via his ambitious Jio Telecom is bringing in unprecedented results. As per a recent study into the data connection and surfing habits of Indians have revealed that Jio is being triumphant everywhere.

In fact, due to Jio, a new form of Internet surfing habits are being generated, newer forms of Internet are being accessed, and changing the entire Digital ecosystem in the country.

As per research data by Smartapp, 42% of all Indians having 4G handsets are using Jio as the primary source for data connection. This is quite evident from Airtel’s financial results which we had shared last week, wherein we had reported that Jio’s tsunami has eaten away 54% of Airtel’s profits.

Now, considering that Jio is providing free Internet for all, this is quite natural it seems.

Only 17.54% of 4G users are using Airtel as primary data connection source, while Vodafone has a market share of at 12.26% and Idea has 11.50% share.

Jio’s Users Break Average Data Consumption Threshold

Now, the onslaught of free Internet offers is also inducing several behavioral changes within Indian internet users. For instance, the amount of data accessed.

The research has found that average data consumption of Jio users is 6.54 GB, which is highest in the country, compared with other telecom operators. While Airtel users are consuming only 1.28 GB per month, Vodafone users are accessing 1.29 GB and Idea users are content with 1.3 GB of data.

Hence three times more data consumption by Jio clearly showcases a major shift in habits, which would be tough to retreat after the free offers end.

While in urban locations, 6GB more data is being consumed compared to previous months, the increment is 5GB in rural areas.

Gaurav Sarin, Chief Operating Officer, Smartapp, said, “The recent trend of mobile internet adoption and consumption is probably the harbinger of how ‘Mobile First’ will drive Digital India and bring about true digital inclusivity and access across India,”

Interestingly, the higher consumption of data is more in social media apps, compared to video apps. While 467% more data usage was visible on social media apps, video apps witnessed 336% increase in consumption. This means that more videos are being watched on social media platforms, namely Facebook, compared to video apps such as Youtube.

Niches such as news, entertainment, games, music, and sports also witnessed a massive increase in data consumption.

What will happen when Jio’s free offers end? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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    God bless Ambani!

    ….and all those who make games and videos and music etc. etc. in India – PLEASE MAKE MORE!! :) We need our Fix! :)

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