Full Details: Jio Prime Benefits, 100 Million Subscribers & More Lucrative Offers


Jio Prime Emrollment

Today, Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), took to the stage and announced what we all have been hoping for; Reliance Jio has achieved a subscriber base of 100 million, who he calls as “the co-founders” of Jio.

During the initial 170 days, Jio added 100 million subscribers, or 7 customers every second every day.

170 seconds


Jio Shattered All The Records

Jio subscribers accomplished some very attractive feats during these 170 days. Some of these key records are:

  • 200 crore minutes Voice and Video calls per day made from the Jio network.
  • 5.5 crore hours of video watched every day.
  • 100 crore GBs were consumed last month on the Jio network, i.e. 3.3 crore GBs/day.

200 Crore

Ambani reiterated that Voice calls would be free for life on the Jio network including calls during roaming. He also announced a couple of new offers including the ‘Jio Prime’ membership offering unlimited benefits to Jio subscribers who join Jio network till 31 March 2017.

Here are some of the key announcements made by Reliance Jio:

‘Jio Prime’ Membership

JIo Prime Benefits

How Jio would retain its existing subscribers after it starts charging for its services was a key concern among the industry experts. Jio has solved (hopefully) this problem by announcing the ‘Jio Prime’ membership plan, a custom-made programme offering the following benefits:

  • Unlimited benefits till 31 March 2018, for a minimal subscription cost of Rs. 99 for a year.
  • The users would be able to enjoy same benefits of Reliance Happy New Offer ( 1GB Data per day & unlimited voice calling)for Rs. 303/month, translating to just Rs. 10/day.
  • The subscribers will also get to enjoy Rs. 10,000 worth of Jio Media services for free during this period.
  • Jio will also keep announcing “a line of attractive deal and offers” only for ‘Jio Prime’ members.

JIo Prime Benefits1

How To Enrol For Jio Prime Membership?

The enrolment process for Jio Prime membership is very simple and can be done by the users themselves anywhere anytime from 1st to 31st March 2017.

This can be done via MyJio app, or Jio.com, or any Jio Retail Store.

Jio Helped Indians Become The #1 Consumers of Mobile Data

Prior to Jio, India ranked 150th in the world in the list of Broadband penetration. Now, since Jio’s launch, India has become the #1 country globally for data usage. Jio users consume as much data as all the people in U.S.A.

Mobile Data Usage Jio

Jio’s Future Plans

Jio already has twice the number 4G base stations than all other networks combined. Now Jio plans a coverage of 99% of all population by the end of 2017.

Jio will institute a comprehensive process for monitoring all plans of all telcos across the country. The company will not just match them, but will offer 20% more data than the best offering from other operators.

Mukesh Ambani announced, “Unlimited maza continue hoenga,” when speaking on the point of data anxiety in the mind of mobile users who are always wondering if they are getting the best deal.

Jio will continue to work on its network quality and aims to double its data capacity soon for improving the data speed and user experience.

Would you subscribe to the Jio Prime membership? I know I will!

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