Pre-Book the Jio 4G Phone – 4 Important Pointers To Remember!

Know this before you pree-book the Jio Phone


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Reliance Jio’s much anticipated, and hyped 4G feature phone has been described as the new, latest disruptor from the Ambani camp. Effectively costing Rs 0, these feature phones from Jio would be VoLTE based, and would support their fast 4G network.

Officially speaking, pre-booking for these handsets will start from August 24th, but starting tomorrow, that is August 15th, some beta-testers would be able to start testing the handset, and experience its power.

However, as per reports emerging, some private owned outlets in Delhi have started accepting pre-booking for Jio phones from today onwards. Reliance Jio hasn’t shared any information about this out-of-the-loop pre-bookings, but reports indicate that it is indeed true.

4 Crucial Pointers To Consider Related To Jio 4G Feature Phone Bookings:

  1. Either you pre-book your new Jio 4G phone from any private outlet or from Jio’s own outlet. You need not pay the security amount of Rs 1500 during the pre-booking phase. This amount needs to be paid when the handset is delivered to you. This amount is refundable after 3 years of usage, thereby making it effectively free.
  2. You need to submit your Aadhaar details as eKYC at the time of pre-booking. Once you submit your Aadhaar number, you will be assigned a token, using which you can pick you new handset after paying Rs 1500 as security deposit. It seems that only Aadhaar would be used for eKYC process. We are still trying to find whether other forms of ID such as Voter’s Card or Driving License can be used for pre-booking or not.
  3. Only one unit per Aadhaar card would be allocated. Once you submit your Aadhaar number for getting the token, it would be stored in a centralized database, and checks would be made every time a new Aadhaar is submitted. Hence, a person with one Aadhaar can only get one Jio phone.
  4. Expected date of delivery of Jio phones is between September 1st and September 4th. Note here that Jio hasn’t yet confirmed the delivery dates, and it is pure speculation at this point of time. Having said that, at the time announcement of this new feature phone, Jio had informed that handsets would be delivered in September, without mentioning any particular date. Jio has made plans to deliver 50 lakh handsets per week, which is 2 crore per month.

These pointers have been collected after reporters interacted with some private outlets in Delhi, where pre-bookings will start from August 15th. Reliance Jio outlets will accept pre-bookings from August 24th itself.

Besides, you can always register with Jio for getting latest information related to Jio phone here.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information related to Jio 4G feature phone.


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