Jio Phone: The Indian Phone with a Chinese Heart?

Does 'Made in India' matter to you?


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When Reliance Jio announced their new Jio 4G feature phone, it created waves in the telecom sector. With Reliance Jio already taking pre-orders, customers are expecting to get it in their hands as early as 15th August. Jio is making good on their promise of delivering these handsets at the earliest possible date.

So, what’s the problem?

The phone was announced during the last Reliance AGM, where it was also announced that the phone will be Made in India, by Indians, for India. That itself generated a lot of buzz around the phone along with the low price, which is effectively zero. However, what many people missed in the announcement is the fact that the phone will be manufactured in India starting from the 4th Quarter of 2017.

This means that the initial batch of the Jio Phone will be manufactured in China. Now, that in itself is not a problem. Most of the smartphones manufactured today, including the iPhones, are manufactured in China and the quality is impeccable.

With the recent anti-China sentiments prevalent in the country, the Jio Phone might have a hard time selling. This has never been an issue before. Products made in China are usually good sellers here in India. Especially in smartphones. With the kind of premium quality offered at relatively bottom prices, China-made products are tough to beat.

Will it really affect the sales of the Jio Phone?

We don’t think this fact will affect the sales of the Jio Phone. Sure, a section of the Indian market might not even look at the phone. But when it comes down to it, the value offered by Jio with their Jio Phone is hard to beat.

Ultimately, in a consumption-oriented society, whatever offers the best value for money, sells. Make in India is still in a nascent stage. It has progressed in leaps and bounds, but it still has a long way to go before it can offer premium quality at lowest prices.

What do you think? Does it matter to you whether a phone you are using is made in China, or will you hold out for the Made in India label? Sound off in the comments below.

  1. Aakash Agrawal says

    I for sure wont bye this Made in China Phone.

  2. Vamshi says

    I sought this phone is manufactured in India and by young indian engineer’s thats y I buyer other wise I couldn’t buy it

  3. jiojuser says

    LYF smartphones are manufactured by Chinese handset maker ZTE Corporation, CK Telecom Limited, Intex. The company plans to source more phones from the maker before the launch of its Jio 4G services later in 2016.

    its a china made phone

  4. Anand says

    I too have pre-booked, but after knowing that it is Chinese make, I will certainly reject/cancel it, as no asset is greater than my country and our soldiers.

  5. madhusudan says

    It simply a propoganda of anti JIO people who are afraid of JIO.

  6. Pranav says

    Don’t play with an Emotions of INDIAN PEOPLE for OWN SAKE AND Profit!
    If you are Clean Hearted then Announce Clearly that most of the Jio phones will be Not made in India!

    Then see the state where your company stands!

    Disgusting thing ever happened!

  7. ARun kumar jaiswal says

    This phone is made in Taiwan not in China……….Soon will be in India.

  8. Hemraj Singh Negi says

    Yes. Definately it will affect jio phone sale. We should understand . We are giving them power to purchase some extra bulltes for indian soldiers. Big thoughts are good but they will not work at the time of war. By not buying chinese product we can reduce one bullet from our side. Rest of minds are yours.

  9. Vishal says

    Reliance should have started the prebooking only after the manufacturing of the phones began in India. Moreover they didn’t mention that the first slot of phones would be made in China. Feeling sort of cheated after prebooking and reading this article.

  10. Manish says

    When China delivers hand set to India , then MAKE IN INDIA , statement is a bluff and one kind of false propaganda, this is not good for Indian Economy

  11. Dharmveer kumar says

    No one indian will not purchase mob set on cheap rate made in china,if mob set will be manufacturing in india at costly ,indian will be purchase otherwise reliance company lost his golden dream

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