Aadhaar Is Now Mandatory For Google Searches, Facebook Likes & Tinder Swipes


Aadhaar Verified Search

[Update: Happy April Fool’s day!]

In one of the biggest social push for Aadhaar, some of the biggest Internet companies have announced that their users need to link their Aadhaar cards with their accounts. Prominent among them are Google, Facebook and Tinder.

There are some smaller, niche websites as well, such as those dealing with torrents, but we are yet to validate their claims.

After linking of Aadhaar with PAN Card, filing income tax, starting a business and driving license, this is seen as one of the biggest Aadhaar linked projects. Analysts are saying that Govt. has forced these mega-portals to link Aadhaar database, but no confirmation has arrived yet.

Aadhaar Mandatory For Every Google Search

Supporting Govt. of India’s vision for a complete Aadhaar based eco-system, world’s largest search engine and biggest Internet company by revenues, Google, has announced that from now on, every Google account will be linked to Aadhaar card.

And, that is not enough: Every Google search has to be validated with Aadhaar authentication as well.

Google India’s representative said: “We want to track and monitor every Google search and ensure that we create a database of this data. What better platform than Aadhaar for doing it?”

As per available reports, as soon as a Google search is initiated, a new window will pop up, wherein the user needs to include his or her Aadhaar number. The database authentication will happen via Google servers, linked with UIDAI’s database.

For mobile users, a biometric-based authentication has been planned, wherein the user’s iris or fingerprint scan would happen at runtime.

Google representative said, “We can easily integrate the mobile camera with our database to complete the iris scan. For fingerprint scan, a new app needs to be downloaded. We are talking with relevant authorities for the same.”

Experts are claiming that Govt. of India will now read every mail, scan every Google search an individual makes, via Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar Needed For Facebook Likes, Comments

Facebook too has jumped into the Aadhaar mode and announced a series of updates, which basically links Aadhaar with every Facebook profile. Both new and existing Facebook users would be required to link their Aadhaar card details with their respective accounts.

And, the picture in the Aadhaar card would be mandatory linked with every Facebook account as well.

Owners of fake profiles, such as ‘Angel Priya’ and more must be specially worried now because one Aadhaar card means just one profile.

Facebook India representative, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Yes, this shall be tough in the initial phase. But once every account is linked with Aadhaar database, then only genuine persons would exist on our platform. It is a big win for us.”

As per available reports, while posting an update on Facebook, or liking/sharing/commenting a post, a new pop-up would appear, asking the user to authenticate their Aadhaar details.

For mobile app users, an iris based scan is being planned. Like Google, Facebook will integrate the mobile camera with their database, for a seamless biometric authentication.

Experts are stating that such high level of authentication will remove the trolls from the platform, and hate comments shall decrease.

Aadhaar Required For Every Tinder Swipe

Tinder, which authenticates their users via Facebook accounts, has also declared that they will scan Aadhaar card details before every swipe: left or right.

Besides, at the time of account creation, Tinder will ask for fingerprint scan of the user, which shall be directly authenticated via UIDAI database. Facebook will form the second layer of authentication for their users.

Last year, Tinder had opened their new office in India, wherein only two employees are working as of now (one is the peon). Their only representative said, “Dating apps like Tinder should be using Aadhaar since a long time. I wonder why this didn’t happen till now.”

Explaining the Aadhaar linked process on their platform, Tinder said, “Whenever one wants to swipe a profile on Tinder, a new popup will appear, asking the user to authenticate their Aadhaar numbers. This way, Govt. of India shall be aware of every left and right swipe, and who made them.”

When we asked that Tinder representative as to why this arrangement has been made, he said, “We are fed up with married men swiping right every profile of girl they see. It is plain desperation, you see. With Aadhaar authentication, Govt. of India can now inform their wives about this habit, and everything would be streamlined. More security, more power to Tinder users.”

Association of Single Men and Women in India has expressed their reservations on Tinder’s Aadhaar integration. One member said, “This is extreme. This is crude. We will protest against the intrusion of our privacy. How can Govt. integrate Aadhaar with dating?”

Some unnamed sources have revealed that Govt. forced Google, Facebook and Tinder to integrate Aadhaar into their platform. But we are still not sure.

More information on these decisions is expected tomorrow and we will update the post as soon as we have more…so come back tomorrow



  1. Tamil says

    Aadhar is mandatory to use public toilet.

  2. Pranalisharma says

    Nice initiative!Aadhaar becomes almost Mandatory for all the Resident of India, Now it is the Unique Identity recognized all over the Country.Aadhaar card has become a symbol of empowerment.
    Visit: http://finfyi.com/track-aadhar-card/

  3. Vijayaraj Mukundan says

    Well tried but you didn’t fool me. But hey, you never know what you have written in jest could well become a reality tomorrow thanks to the Govt’s obsession with intruding into privacy of citizens.

  4. Pritam says

    Hahahaha.. You guys made it too obvious. Otherwise it could have been a hilarious AF post.

  5. N Chandra says

    For the govt, security prospects, it is ok.
    But for the portals and social media sites, this development will ruin their businesses.
    For, all such sites carry n number of fake accounts. They will disappear.
    Even for genuine accounts, the user will become 10n times reluctant to use the sites.
    End result will be huge loss of usage.

  6. Shail says

    April fool …

  7. Anonymous says

    Nice April fool prank!

  8. Gopal says

    1st April…Lol…

  9. Abhisheik Tripathi says

    The post was far too long and detailed to be masqueraded as genuine. The extent of exaggeration made it easy to understand, a few columns into reading, that it is an attempt at making April fool.
    Next time, please be a bit less detailed. Veiling is necessary in order to fool someone.

  10. vasundhara says

    Looks Like April fool by trak.in

  11. Mud says

    ….and a happy April Fools’ Day to YOU too as well, Arun! :) (will we need Aadhar to watch PRON on the internet as well? ;) )

  12. Santanu Saraswati says

    Its 1st April!

  13. Piyal says

    Today is April 1 :)

  14. Pradip says

    The Damnnnnnnn Google. Get Lost

  15. Nilima says

    I guess its your april fool blog ?

  16. Yogi says

    There is no way iris could be scanned using a smartphones camera, so the joke’s on you guys as I’m well aware what date it is today.

  17. Sam Richardson says

    The biggest bullshit move from the government of this millennium… Now it’s not only America who is spying the world.

  18. Aditya Goturu says

    Not bad i actually considered it for a second. If I hadn’t just spent the day planning april fools pranks i may have fallen for it.

  19. Aditya Goturu says

    Not bad i actually considered it for a second. If I hadn’t just spent the day planning april fools pranks i may have fallen for it.

  20. Vedant says

    Achi koshish thi but it did not work at least not for me. Happy April Fool!

  21. Rohan says

    April fool!!

  22. Jugrajbir singh says

    Trying to make April’s fool of us ??. Do not believe this news

  23. rajesh says

    April Fool Prank

  24. sharath kumar says

    Government will start monitoring each individuals personal life now, ever wonder why do you exactly need Aadhar for?

  25. Kapil Bhatia says

    Good April one joke, but some idiots will start blaming BJP.

  26. Abdullah prem says

    I am wondering it will be good to have aadhar to search via google?

  27. Vishal says

    Look like a April fool prank :)

  28. Inyerface says

    April Fools

  29. Gagan Kamboj says

    is this really true or April fool ??

  30. shreyas says

    haha April Fool

  31. Arul Kumar PA says

    April Fool :)

  32. Sachin Gavaskar says

    Microsoft and Apple too have confirmed that they are making Aadhar mandatory for Bing, IE, Safari etc.

    I agree with previous commenter, the days of democracy are over…sad

  33. Tushar Salian says

    One of the best April Fool Prank

  34. Santokh Singh Saggu says

    the days of democracy are over . The insecure government has entered into dictatorship mode.Welcome to new chindia .The chinification of India.The governement ruled by its leader which is ruled by number 8 which is ruled by staturn.The saturn brings the person to its heights and then atonce drops down never to rise up. Just see the congress, congress was also ruled by its leader whose number was 8 and now congress has been reduced to dust.

    1. Kausar Ayub says

      April fool bro :P

    2. Alok Tiwari says

      It’s prank April fool.

    3. Vivek says

      Hahaha!!! Its obviously an April Fool’s joke!!

    4. Neil says

      April fool my friend

    5. Root Droid says

      chill maro April fool joke hai :P

    6. Narada says

      Looks like an APRIL 1 SUPER COMMENT

    7. Inyerface says

      April Fools

    8. Ramalingam says

      Well said

    9. Sayantan says

      Today is April 1st bro!

    10. Anand Sahasrabuddhe says

      Chill brother.. Its April fools day today

    11. Yogi says

      Take a look at your calender

    12. Udit says

      Dude its april fool’s day

    13. Shailesh says

      Santokh, don’t you get joke ? Its April fool man. Stay positive.

    14. Rahul Sethi says

      This is the really new thing. Nice post Mohul Sir. Good work by Govt.

    15. Sid says

      April fool :D

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