Reliance Jio IPTV-Based Set-Top Box Photos Leak; Comes with RJ-45 Ethernet Port, USB & HDMI!



Reliance Jio has been working on disrupting the DTH space with its set-top box hosting Internet Protocol TV capabilities. Past leaks indicated that the company would launch the same in April, and it looks like the product is ready to launch now.

Candytech got its hands on a leak of the actual Jio set top box tool that comes in the Reliance Jio blue colour packaging with the Jio logo and tagline on it. It looks pretty much like any IPTV or set top box out there.

Key physical features

According to leaked photos, the set top box comes with an RJ-45 Ethernet port, so that you can connect your broadband to the STB and enjoy internet on your television or display. This will allow users to enjoy fast broadband internet on their television through the IPTV setup.

Since this service has not been launched in any city yet, there are details of tariffs and pricing of the box itself. Along with the Ethernet port, the box also features a USB port, a standard cable connector, HDMI port for high definition screening, and the usual audio and video output.

The leaked images showed a black coloured STB with Jio logo imprinted on the right side. There are holes on the top of the device for heat dissipation. There has been no mention of specifications as such, so it is not confirmed if the device can load 4K videos with ease.

Other features of the Jio offering

Coming to what Jio IPTV will offer, the service might have a good 6-month free-streaming period so that users can connect their broadband line to this and enjoy free access to media online. Jio Fiber is the best service to compliment the set top box as it will offer free internet access as well.

However, just like other similar services, Jio TV will offer recording capabilities, smart television services, access to fast internet, online games and internet browsing, a vast range of channels to select from, live TV streaming and even voice based controls for users.

As Internet of Things gets more relevant, you might also be able to control a lot of devices from your television, if they’re all connected through the same internet service. Jio’s offering will be disrupting to Tata Sky, Videocon D2H and Dish TV, the same way it made ripples in the telecom industry.

Rest assured, the pricing of Jio services will be on point, and one can expect the competitors to start offering cheaper packages and better services in the coming months. TRAI has already outed a paper for pricing of channels, which would increase the competition in terms of pricing of paid channels.

Source: Candytech

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