Reliance Jio Mania Sweeps The Nation as 72 Mln Users Convert Into Prime; Jio Summer Surprise Offers 3 More Months Free Service!


Jio Prime Subscriber Base Has Crossed 45 Million!

It is official, and not an April fool’s prank.

Jio mania has swept the nation, as a total of 72 million out of 120 million free Jio users have opted to convert into Prime membership, thereby making it world’s largest migration of free into paid service, within a month.

Besides, in a letter addressed to all ‘Jio Family Members’, Mukesh Ambani has announced a bonanza for all those who opted to purchase the Prime membership.

And this is not all: The deadline for opting for Jio prime membership has also been extended until April 15th

Jio’s Unprecedented Conversion: 72 Million Users!

In the last week of March, reports emerged that very few free Jio users were opting to convert into paid Prime membership. In fact, one unconfirmed report mentioned that only 13% of free Jio users have opted to purchase the Prime membership.

We refuted the report, based on some exclusive information received, that around 45-50 million Jio users have bought Prime membership (as of March 29th)

But now, the official numbers and out, and it has surpassed expectations of every telecom analyst in India. Out of 120 million free Jio users, 72 million have opted to purchase paid Prime membership. This means a conversion ratio of 60%!

This is clearly unprecedented and totally unexpected. Never seen anywhere in the world.

Jio’s official press release stated: “.. in just one month, over 72 million (and still counting!) Jio customers have signed up for JIO PRIME, personalised making it one of the most successful customer privilege programmes anywhere in the world. This is the largest migration from free to paid services in history in such a short period of time..”

Jio Summer Surprise: Free 3 Months Of Free Service!

On the occasion, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, has written a letter which personalised, and without the jargons of a press release.

Addressing all Jio users as ‘Family Members’ (something which no telecom company ever does), he said, “I want to personally thank you for choosing Jio, and for being a founding member of the Jio movement. A movement to transform India. A movement to empower and enrich each one of you with the revolutionary power and possibilities of Digital Life.”

The letter announces that deadline for purchasing Prime membership has now been extended to April 15th.

Besides, the announcement to offer free 3 months of complimentary service to all Prime users has been made. And the way it has been announced makes it an emotional, family affair. He compares this 3-month complimentary service as ‘shagun’, a ritual in which family members present a gift or cash to other family members when they visit their homes.

The letter states: “In India, we have the fine tradition of SHAGUN – offering gifts on auspicious occasions.

For us, your first recharge is an auspicious moment. Therefore, we want to offer a token of our appreciation and gratitude to all JIO PRIME members… the JIO SUMMER SURPRISE.

Every JIO PRIME member – when they make their first paid recharge prior to 15th April using Jio’s Rs 303 plan (or any higher value plan) – will get services for the INITIAL 3 MONTHS on a complimentary basis. Your paid tariff plan will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the complimentary service.”

Hence, all Prime users will now get free service until July 15th, after which the Prime membership plans will execute.

The letter also mentions the fact that Jio has created ‘World’s largest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network’ in the world, with over 100,000 mobile towers.

Besides, Jio has invested over Rs 200,000 crore in their infrastructure, which is World’s largest investment in this sector. More than 1 lakh new towers would be soon installed all over India, to enhance their network capability.

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