Uber and DesiOPT Sign a Deal to Provide Access to Indian STEM Talent in the US


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While Travis Kalanick, CEO at Uber, was here in India last year, he discussed how important the country is to the company and how it wants to penetrate deeper into the society. Uber has signed MoUs in the past and launched campaigns to create jobs in the country but this is a completely new agreement.

DesiOPT, an Indian startup that helps students on F1 visa find jobs in the US, under T-Hub, has secured a deal with Uber to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) talent for a year starting January 2017.

Indian students in the US who are currently on F1 visa or OPT(working on an extension while in the US) will be able to secure jobs and internships via this portal at all Uber locations. This removes the hurdles of securing jobs when you’re only on a student visa in the US.

Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Public Policy Head – Uber India, commented on the deal, “We are happy to be contributing to promoting and supporting innovative ideas out of spirited start-ups in India like DesiOPT. Telangana is one of the most progressive states and has set up a culture of ‘regulatory incubation’ – allowing new ideas and business models to thrive.”

Uber also has a mentorship program all around the world, called uberEXCHANGE, where startups can get some guidance from the top experts in the industry. This deal with DesiOPT will allow Uber to get access to some Indian talent in the US from the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses.

Every year, so many students go to the US for higher education, and a lot of them come back because they’re either not able to secure jobs there or did not find the market attractive enough for work. Uber, one of the largest companies in the US now, will be a good start for students enrolled in STEM courses.

“Today we have surplus of raw talent from India in US that is waiting to be explored. DesiOPT itself provides services to over 2500 companies however we are not able to reach out to the bigger companies who are in need of STEM talent in the US. The association with Uber was indeed a much-needed break that we were looking for. And being a part of T-Hub has really helped us in getting there,” said Naren Y, founder of DesiOPT.

How to reach out to DesiOPT?

DesiOPT is like any other job portal you have in India, but specifically catering to the students in the US. Not just jobs, the portal also offers career guidance from alumni, immigration advice from attorneys and career articles.

DesiOPT.com provides an online employment portal that connects the students to potential employers. Students can register on the DesiOPT portal and have access to Optional Practical Training(OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), internships, H-1B jobs and other types of jobs.

You can simply filter out the job listings you find attractive and apply through the portal. Since the portal merely connects you with the job hunters, everything from the point of interviews is completely up to you. However, this venture with Uber will expose the company to some talent it has been missing out on.

If you’re a student on OPT, CPT or F1 visa, looking for job sponsorships and internships, register on DesiOPT.com today!

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