WhatsApp on iOS Finally Gets Queue Messaging and Higher Image Upload Limit!


Whatsapp on iOS

Android and iOS have slight differences in WhatsApp features, and the company has maintained the difference for good. The company added ‘message queue’ feature in the Android OS last year in June 2016.

For iOS users, WhatsApp has finally added queue messaging to the latest version of its app. The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is now available to all iPhone users (running iOS 7 or higher), with a huge update size of 91.2MB as it brings some new features.

If you’re not aware, iOS users had their send button disabled as soon as the internet connection went out. So, whenever you’re travelling in underground metros, or going to areas that lack good connection, you would not be able to send any message, which ultimately destroyed the flow of the conversation.

Now, from the new update, whenever you lose connection, you can continue typing and sending the message. These texts will get delivered as and when you receive network connection on your smartphone.

Although it does spoil the order of the messages that get delivered to you, but then you cannot blame WhatsApp for that because your internet is not working. However, you can still continue messaging and sending chats without any issues anymore.

WhatsApp has added another feature to this update – increased media sharing limit. The Android beta app got it some time back, and now the iOS version has got it. You can not send upto 30 photos and videos from the earlier limit of 10. This makes a huge difference between usually people want to share all the media files at once, instead of sending them in packages.

Storage usage information enhancement

The new update also adds a very nifty feature to keep a tab on chats that hog the maximum storage in your smartphone. It allows you to see which individual chat is occupying the largest files, so that you can delete the unnecessary forwards and media files.

Now, you can delete the specific chats and the media files in them directly from the storage usage in settings. You do not have to go back to the chats and then pick out those files. Instead of this, you can tap on Data and Storage Usage in Settings, choose Storage Usage and identify files directly to be deleted.

iOS gets a better UI as compared to Android, and such things do not really matter to Android users, but it is always a question of who gets what feature first. The company is trying to level the apps on the two OSes now and is going to unveil some exciting new features soon.

Source: Gizmodo

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