Uber Will Integrate Driver & Ride Feedback into The App in India to Improve Ride Conditions and Safety


Driver Ratings Feedback

It is quite common for drivers in India to over-stress and work long hours with Uber to earn that extra money. The company hadn’t taken any steps yet to ensure that commuters feel safe in their cars, because the Uber app didn’t have anything to incorporate feedback for the drivers other than ratings and comments.

Changing the scenario now, Uber will start integrating driver feedback into the app so that the drivers can get to see their shortcomings and improve in the future rides. This feature will roll out in Bangalore first, following by other major cities and towns.

“While alcohol is the leading cause of traffic crashes, there are other behaviours that can put people at risk, including distracted and unsafe driving. Today we are announcing new features in the driver app to help reduce these risks going forward,” a report by ET said.

This way, a driver’s rating and feedback will be available to assess the driving conditions and behaviour. While many drivers might not care about this change, a few would definitely like to use this service to earn extra stars and improve their ratings.

How will this work in India?

The Uber drivers will be sent daily reports with information about driving patterns, regular messages to alert the driver about the speed and driving conditions and reminders to take a break between rides.

This sounds like a good initiative, but in a country like India where there is so much divide in the incomes, drivers are bound to over exert themselves. Messages and reminders might help, but only in genuine cases. A driver who wants to complete 12 rides in a day won’t take a break and look at the daily summary to assess himself or herself.

Some Uber riders also complain about drunken driving, driving when half-asleep and rash driving, and the company has assured that these will be taken care of in the update to the app. The sad part is, the consumers still find it hard to call Uber in emergency because there is no call centre here.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata are in dire need of such a service. Drivers are working more for higher compensation by putting their passengers to risk. It is not completely a driver’s fault either, because the incentives can drive anyone to nuts.

The drivers will have to be properly apprised of this new development and given proper training to inculcate the daily reports. Some might find it derogatory but it is essential that the company ensures strict rules for safety of the Uber riders.

Source: ET

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