Now You Can Book An OLA Cab Through IRCTC App & Website!

OLA already has several self-serving kiosks all around the country at different railway stations.


Book An OLA Cab Through IRCTC App

You can now directly book an Ola cab through the IRCTC website and mobile application. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has announced a new collaboration with Indian cab aggregator OLA. The partnership will be in a six-month pilot period before IRCTC finally integrates OLA into its app and website.


OLA Cab Through IRCTC App & Website

Commuters can directly book an OLA cab on the IRCTC Rail Connect mobile application and IRCTC website. The OLA-IRCTC feature will offer all the OLA services on the IRCTC platform like options for Ola Micro, Ola Mini, Ola Auto and Ola Share. Rail travellers can book an OLA directly through IRCTC within their app or website.

Customers have the option to pre-book an OLA cab on the IRCTC app and website up to seven days in advance and directly from railway as well.

OLA already has several self-serving kiosks all around the country at different railway stations. These OLA Kiosks enable commuters to book an OLA cab directly. Additionally, there will be IRCTC outlets at railway stations to assist commuters to book an OLA cab.

Uber-OLA Strike Stays Strong, Cabs Remain Off Road

India has around 15 lakh Uber and Ola drivers. Their strike came as a big hit to many users in some of the big metropolitan cities. Lakhs of drivers are joining the strike one after another creating a huge hassle for commuters.

The strike is touted to be temporary and the companies are hoping to bring the situation under control soon. The present strike is expected to end within a few days.

The drivers are demanding a new fare regime with a change in the base fares and reinstatement of the drivers blacklisted due to low passenger ratings. Several drivers have complained about their struggle with the loan instalments causing financial issues for them.

The Complications & Issues

According to the unions, the drivers are not being able to make enough money to even make their loan instalment payments.

The ride-sharing companies initially offered great pay scales, but as they started to focus on breaking-even, the incentives kept coming down. As per the unions, the drivers will continue with the strike until Uber and Ola commit to paying the drivers at least $1,500 a month (around Rs 98,000).

Last year OLA and Uber made around $371 million in revenue in India, and the experts predict that it will grow up to $761 million in the country by the end of 2022.

Rail Roko At Matunga Adds To The Commuters’ Woes

The office goers in Mumbai are a frustrated lot. In addition to the app-based cabs staying off the road due to their strike, they also had to contend with a rail roko at the Matunga, a suburban station in Mumbai. Railway connectivity has been badly affected. The rail disruption outside Matunga and other stations on the Central Railway line have added to their troubles.

The cab aggregators are expecting the situation to be under control soon, and the cabs may return to plying on the roads as soon as later in the day.

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