Indian Employees Are Most Literate In Entire Asia Pacific; 72% Are Empowered With Data!

When it comes to Indian employees, then the data literacy rate was found to be a staggering 45%, which is more than double of the average rate.


Indian Employees Lead In Data Literacy

Every Tom, Dick or Harry can get a job right now; but it takes some other special skills to be data literate. It seems most of the employees across Asia Pacific region are not even aware of the data which is fueling their jobs.

But not in India.

A recent survey has found out that Indian employees have the highest data literacy, compared to all other countries of the region.

This means that we know and acknowledge the power of data!

Indian Employees Rock in Data Literacy!

US-based business intelligence & visualization software provider Qlik has carried a unique survey, to find out how literate employees are when it comes to usage and knowledge of data and information.

And India has secured top spot in all categories.

When compared to countries in the Asia Pacific, the average data literacy rate was found to be just 20%; but when it comes to Indian employees, then the data literacy rate was found to be a staggering 45%, which is more than double of the average rate.

As per Qlik, 45% of Indian employees are empowered with data, and are comfortable to use it for improving their jobs, argue and make use of it for other purposes.

Sharing the astonishing findings of the survey, Qlik MD for India and SAARC, Arun Balasubramanian said,

“The survey found that 45 percent of Indian employees had a higher level of data literacy as they could read, work with, analyse and argue with data. The regional average of such employees was 20 percent,”

Between January 30 to February 14, 2018, around 5288 employees were surveyed across Australia, Singapore, China, India and Japan. In India, 1000 employees were surveyed for this purpose. Only full-time employees were considered for the survey.

Data Is Empowering Indian Employees

Japanese employees were found to be least literate, when it comes to data literacy, as only 6% employees were found to be aware of data, and its usage.

In China, only 11% employees are data literate, while the figure was found to be 15% for Singapore and 20% for Australia.

When it comes to read data and work with it for job-related tasks, then a whopping 72% Indian employees expressed confidence in this, compared to 35% in other countries.

Meanwhile, for analysing data, 67% Indian employees expressed confidence, and 59% of Indian employees are confident about arguing or challenge data.

Balasubramanian said, “93 percent employees in India believed that data literacy levels can increase their value at work,”

Qlik linked data literacy levels of employees with leadership skills, as the higher percentage of data literacy means that the managers and leaders of organizations are empowering their employees and allowing them to explore the options, for improving their jobs.

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