E-Visa Growth Refuses To Slow Down; April Witnessed 266% Growth, UK Sent Maximum Tourists To India



Once again it has been proved how technology can revolutionize every imaginable industry, everywhere in the world.

E-visa, the wonder scheme in which any tourist wishing to travel to India can get their visa without moving an inch, is continuing to attract and enchant travellers from all over the world. In fact, for April, 2016, tourists who came to India using e-visa witnessed whooping 266% growth.

Last year in December, we reported that e-visa enabled 421.6% rise in incoming tourists, for the month of August, 2015.

As per official numbers released by Ministry of Tourism, in April 2015, total of 19,139 tourists used e-visa to visit India, which increased to 70,045 in April, 2016.

In 2014, Indian Govt. had literally opened up the tourism sector by adding several countries in the list of visa on arrival, and introducing the new, technology oriented e-visa system which has actually encouraged more first time tourists than any other tourism plan.

As of now, visitors from 150 countries can opt for e-visa and easily visit India.

Cities Which Attracted Most E-Visa Visitors

New Delhi, capital of India, was the most preferred entry point for all e-visa tourists who chose India as their destination. 46.48% of all tourists landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport in April, 2016; whereas at #2 position was Mumbai with 19.09%, followed by Goa at 9.96%; Bengaluru at 6.48%.

Other prominent cities which attracted e-visa tourists include: Chennai at 5.55%;  Kochi at 3.02%; Kolkata at 2.50%; Hyderabad at 2.23% and Trivandrum at 1.44%.

Countries Which Sent Maximum E-Visa Tourists To India

UK has beaten all countries in sending tourists to India, as they occupied 18.82% share; whereas US was at close #2 with share of 14.08%; followed by Russia at 8.16%.

Interestingly, Asian countries like Thailand sent 2.09%; and China stood at 6.31%.

If we compare the period of January-April, 2016, then 3.91 lakh tourists came to India using e-visa, compared to 94,998 tourists during the same period last year; which is a healthy growth rate of 311%.

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