Fingerprint Scanners and 5-inch+ Displays Min Standard in All Moto Smartphones: Lenovo


Lenovo To Kill Iconic ‘Motorola’ Brand Name, Will now be ‘Moto by Lenovo’

Only recently Lenovo disclosed the discontinuation of the brand Motorola as a separate entity, and decided to call it ‘Moto by Lenovo’. If you’re wondering that your favourite smartphone series, Moto G and Moto E are never coming back, then don’t worry. The smartphone makers will surely not kill the most famous series from their portfolio. It is quite possible that they shift these to Lenovo Vibe series.

One interesting piece of news has come that Lenovo is planning to install fingerprint scanner on all Moto smartphones this year and onwards, which means bringing Motorola at par with Lenovo in terms of specifications.

Until now, Motorola CEO believed a fingerprint sensor does not make much of a difference, which is also why Nexus 6 never got to see the scanner. However, this competitors installing a sensor in every high-end smartphone, it makes sense for Motorola to catch-up with them for the rising demand.

Lenovo executive also mentioned that since Motorola branded smartphones will not only be high-end handsets, they will not focus on making them will less than 5-inch screens. Bigger screens are the trend these days and usually bigger the screen, more premium the phone is.

However, Lenovo should not forget that the most successful Motorola ‘G’ series started out with less than 5-inch screen size and was one of the biggest reasons for Motorola’s success. Nevertheless, Lenovo Vibe series should take care of these facts and improve them further.

Motorola and Lenovo are expected to have an overhaul to merge into one new user interface for the customers. At the moment, Lenovo Vibe series come with a custom UI which is far from stock Android, while Motorola phones come with a UI which is closest to stock Android. In case the UIs are mixed to form one, we hope they do not divert from the stock Android UI since the bloatware tends to slow the phones down.

Chen Xudong, Senior Vice President at Lenovo, acknowledged that all the high-end phones these days have a fingerprint scanner and Motorola also will be getting it this year in all of the phones it launches.

He said that Motorola phones have a unique style, which he is impressed with, and would like to continue the same for the next generation models. It looks like Lenovo is pretty clear with keeping Motorola as the high-end sub-brand considering the fan following and the reach around the world.

We really hope Lenovo does not kill the cheaper smartphones, instead relaunches them with bigger screens, but similar functionalities.

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