Delhi Police Wants to Fine Telcos Rs 1 Crore For Approving SIM Cards on Fake Verification


SIm Card Verification

While investigating a recent espionage network, Delhi police were shocked to find hundreds of SIM Cards issued on fake verification ids from two persons. Directly blaming the telecom companies for shoddy verification system, and for approving such SIM Cards, Delhi Police has proposed that these telcos be fined heavily.

In fact, they have asked TRAI to impose a fine of Rs 1 crore on these telecom companies.

As of now, there is a paltry fine of Rs 50,000 for issuing SIM Cards based on fake ids.

A senior Crime Branch officer from Delhi Police said, “A letter was sent to TRAI asking it to penalize telecom service providers for not having a robust framework in terms of verification of customers. As of now, we have been imposing a fine of Rs 50,000 on anyone with a SIM acquired with fake papers. In the future, we may also ask that the penalty amount be increased..”

The Investigation

After the recent case of espionage reported wherein a Pakistani Intelligence Operative (PIO) was found to be using a Delhi based SIM Card, intense investigation into this security breach was initiated.

Delhi Police were stunned to find 205 pre-activated SIM Cards and 1000 fake application forms from a person named Ankush Khandelwal, who used his graphic designing skills to create fake IDs and then was successful in issuing SIM Cards using these fake IDs.

Police also arrested a person named Mohit Gupta from East Delhi who used to work with Ankush.

In their laptops, Police discovered folders containing hundreds of fake ids, photographs and evidence that SIM cards were issued on these fake names; which usually end up going to spies or anti-national elements operating in the country.

For as low as Rs 500-Rs 700, such SIM cards were sold to unknown people, whose intentions and plans are obviously anti-India

Responsibility Of Telecom Operators

In the mad run to achieve ‘targets’, telecom companies are now going soft on conducting complete verification checks, which leads to issuance of such SIM Cards. Delhi Police is 100% correct in demanding stricter and heavier penalty for issuing such SIM Cards.

In the wake of rising terrorism in the country, telecom companies should be more vigilant and alert when it comes to issuing SIM cards as one wrong decision may cause havoc on India’s security and peace.

In order to operate any terrorist activity, communication is the vital link, and if we are able to stop any such unauthorized access to communication medium, then we can effectively stop terrorists from launching their evil plans.

We hope that TRAI gets serious on this matter, and heavily penalize these telecom companies who are compromising on India’s security.

We will keep you updated as more details come in..

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