MNP numbers thin : Vodafone thrives, Reliance falters !


The game of poaching has already started, but hasn’t kicked off at its fullest yet – when it comes to grabbing maximum number of telecom subscribers from the opposite camp.

This can be gauged from the fact that only 5 million subscribers (as per COAI), from over 770 million total subscribers in India, have opted to ditch their current mobile carrier. During Feb-end, this subscriber count stood at 3.83 million users, as per TRAI data.

I am not sure how many of you readers have grudges against Vodafone’s network, but certainly the India unit of this UK-based company has so far gained maximum number of subscribers, post nation-wide MNP rollout. On a net basis, Vodafone has succeeded in attracting 192761 subscribers from other network providers.


Well, how many of you feel that the new series of zoo-zoo ads during the ICC World Cup might have come in a bit handy in poaching new subscribers? I am not sure though, as most of those ads were directed at promoting 3G awareness.

Moreover, Vodafone has been leading the charge amongst other telcos ever since Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been rolled out. You can read an interesting survey report on it over here.

Hello! Wait a bit; don’t yet jump into conclusion that it could be Airtel that be the next biggest gainer from MNP-mania. It is Idea Cellular which grabs top honors for being second largest net gainer from MNP to the extent of 150789 users.

In fact, it could be Idea’s vigorous spending on “No Idea? Get Idea!” campaign (that was launched even before the MNP was actually rolled-out) that has yielded positive results just-in-time and gain foothold in new metro circles.

But, here’s a bit of a shocker! What happens to the country’s Top 2 cellular companies? Both Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications have lagged big-time in the race of MNP. If this is something of an alarm bell for you, it indicates that either the network quality or the service provided by these two companies needs some sort of pep-up.

While Bharti has still gained a net of 148215 customers, Reliance has emerged as a net loser to the extent of 306417 customers. And, one can simply say that, Reliance’s loss has been translated into Vodafone and Idea’s gain. In MNP, it is always a balancing act – one’s loss is other’s gain!

So, which network provider’s service are you using?

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  1. Deepak says

    Only sms plans bad concerning prsnt comptetion otherwise airtel rocks.

  2. Dipak says

    Hi ,u will be interesting to know that vodafone is the better option for the customer who wants to it provide good network ,cheap call rate,one most imp thing is its net now also a vodafone some mistakes are also in the dept of vodafone.i think these should be solve instantly.

  3. Bansi says

    hey there, i have Airtel and want to change it into Vodafone, for a simple reason of sms schemes, call schemes and good network. till now i had no problem with Airtel but now a days they have start cutting my amount for sms when i have taken scheme of free sms, they made only 100 sms/day free from 500/day that’s again without giving information to customer, network is also a big problem now a days. and customer care is always sorrry for their work only in terms of words and not work.

    Any how I dont want to have such a customer care support and SORRIES anymore, so i m switching to Vodafone. hope less harassment from them :)

    1. Viral says


      There is not even one service provider that is free from customer complaints. But, in the final analysis, it boils down to – which carrier is fraught with lesser grudges from the subscribers. And, this is where Vodafone scores over others.

      If you’re interested to shift to Vodafone, let me suggest you a SMS scheme that might just interest you: Pay Rs.35 and get 350 local SMS free for a month :)

  4. Suman says

    I am changing from Airtel to Docomo. Its because Airtel was sending me unwanted SMS, ADS and even Pre recorded phone calls. I complained several times but they never responded, though they always gave me a case ref#.

    Once I sent SMS for Porting, the same day they responded to my complaint but its not yet fixed though.

    Any how I dont want to have such a customer support, so switching to Docomo.

  5. Pradeep says

    For me Airtel Rocks!!

  6. dpi says

    Reliance loss is due to Non-availability of cheap, variety and good handsets and its dataplans. Im using RCDMA for 5 years -with the handset they give – now planing to change to none other than Vodafone. Reason – To taste the new wave of handsets for GSM, cheap dataplans(gprs), and 3G in future. You missed one more loser in MNP, our own BSNL.

    1. Viral says


      I guess, you’re right on explanation as to why Reliance has fared miserably. In fact, just check the survey report that I’ve inserted in between the above article. That was relating to BSNL’s failure. So, I didn’t cover it separately this time around.

      Here is the article link:
      MNP Churn Numbers: Vodafone gains & BSNL falters!

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