ECommerce Rising: Now, Buy Pizza on Snapdeal and Cowdung on Amazon / Ebay


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We all know that all the e-commerce giants are selling nearly everything on their websites and apps now with very little room left to spare.

Initially the eCommerce revolution started with books, clothes, toys, gadgets and electronic devices and slowly everyone started shifting to bigger items used in households like refrigerators, washing machines and then some went on to offer motorbikes, yachts and houses.

Fast forwarding to December, Snapdeal has announced an exclusive offer with Pizza Hut to launch two new pizzas on its website. Starting 28th December, the two exclusive pizzas will be available to Snapdeal customers at discounted rates, only till 30th December. Post that they will be available just like other pizzas at Pizza Hut.

Talking about the partnership, Karan Khara, Vice President at Snapdeal said, “We are excited to partner with Pizza Hut for the launch of their newest offerings. This is the first time, we are bringing this kind of assortment on our platform and we hope that our customers will enjoy this very special offer for the holiday season.”

On the other hand, Amazon and Ebay are offering cow dung patties on their online platforms, which apparently are selling in huge numbers already. They could possible be used as manure for gardens or for heating purposes like older times, but the demand seems to be increasing everyday. Interestingly, cow dung is readily available in rural areas where there is demand at every household for daily chores as well as for religious purposes, however urban part of India seems to be or similar thought considering the demand on both the e-commerce websites since October this year. Now that winters are here, cow dung makes a perfect raw material to keep warm without spending huge sums of money.

Snapdeal Pizza Hut

How can the items be bought?

If you want to try out the new pizzas from Pizza Hut, Snapdeal customers can pre-order the new Cheese Maxx pizzas online by paying a mere amount of Rs 100 which will eventually be adjusted against the final bill at the store. Since the offer is only till 30th of this month, you need to rush to get a bite of your favourite pizzas, and be sure to grab some great discounts upto 50%, available on the website. Pizza Hut hopes to grab enough attention and fan base from these promotions by partnering with a well known e-tailer.

Cow dung can be purchased directly from Amazon and Ebay with some sellers providing greater discounts in case of large orders. Cow dungs are becoming extremely popular in the urban sector with some customers even requesting gift wrapped patties.

According to Amazon spokesperson, majority of the orders are coming from cities where such items are not readily available and people are willing to spend a little higher as well.

The cowdung cakes are being sold in cartons containing two to twenty four pieces weighing 200 grams each, priced between Rs. 100 and Rs. 700.

The above examples show the extent to which e-tailers these days are thinking so as to provide you everything to the comfort of your house. This enables smaller firms and entrepreneurs to find an outlet to showcase their skills and products, which usually get lost in millions of services these days. Such initiatives are not just surprising but also welcome from all the residents of this country, paving a path to newer ideas and entrepreneurship.

Pizzas can be purchased from Snapdeal here and cow dung can be purchased from Amazon here.

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