In a First, Airtel Displays Its Network Information To All. Showcases Its Rs. 60,000 Cr Project Leap


Project Leap Coverage

India’s leading telecom operator, Airtel, which had launched its Project Leap with much enthusiasm back in November this year, now plans to take the project one step closer to its 240 million customers.

Airtel plans to invest Rs. 60,000 crore into its comprehensive network transformation program Project Leap for adding around 1,60,000 network sites in the next 3 years. This was long overdue as the subscribers have been complaining about network coverage issues and slow internet speeds since a while now.

With this project, Airtel plans to add about 23,000 high-speed data sites for improving the overall internet experience for its subscribers in the next 3 months.

Airtel Launches A Micro Website For Project Leap

To further strengthen consumer’s trust in its Project Leap, Airtel has launched Project Leap website. The website allows the users to actually see how Project Leap is progressing and transforming Airtel’s network in their own locality.

Upon locating your locality on Project Leap’s website, you would be able to see the network status, i.e. presence of Voice and data services (2G) or high-speed data services (3G/4G) in your area. You can also see existing network sites, sites which are upgrading, sites which were forcibly shutdown, and also the need of sites at various places.

“With the launch of Project Leap, we at Airtel are investing company-wide resources in ramping up our network infrastructure towards this modernization drive and improving the service experience delivered to every customer. We are happy that the project is making quick strides in enhancing our network quality and are focused on implementing a Project Leap strategy down to each and every location. Our new website is targeted at a first of its kind effort in sharing with total transparency the progress we are making in every street and locality in the country. Our customers will be able to see the progress of their network in their respective localities,” said Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO, Bharti Airtel.

You can also visit Project Leap’s website and check its key highlights regarding various states.

What’s In It For The Consumers?

With the transparency that Airtel is offering on its Project Leap, the customers would be able to contribute to it by helping Airtel find new places for network site. At places where the site was forcibly shut down, the consumers can even offer to host a site themselves.

The consumers can also get to know various FAQs and information about cell tower safety. And lastly, the website also has a section about the usefulness of Project Leap to the consumers.

Some Highlights of Project Leap

Some of the key highlights of Project Leap are:

  • Swapping out legacy networks for a future-proof home broadband network.
  • World class indoor network with a future-ready internet backbone.
  • Country-wide broadband along with world class service operations center.
  • Connecting millions of small businesses.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint by 70%.

While Airtel’s Project Leap might not be a social activity as it seems like, it will certainly help Bharti Airtel maintain its competitive edge over the other network operators and thus offer high-quality services at a competitive price.

  1. GHOUSE says

    In my area 4g network vare bat i informed customer service but no use

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  3. Mud says

    Airtel was a company that I had a *horrible* experience with when I had wired broadband from them some time back – I had said that other companies were cheaper, whereupon their “representative” gave me a “kacha” paper with a “rate” on it, on which I MADE HIM WRITE THAT THIS CONTRACT WAS GOING TO BE FOR 6 MONTHS, and then – Airtel raised the rate WITHIN THOSE 6 MONTHS!! Naturally I refused to pay, and then I had fukking BILL COLLECTORS TURNING UP AT MY DOOR over and over!! It was kind of scary! Can you BELIEVE that this is actually a COMPANY??? Can you BELIEVE that things RUN LIKE THIS???
    NEVER do business with them. Transparency my Azz.

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