Chinese ‘Superphone’ Maker LeTV to Enter Indian shores on 5th January


LETV launch

Chinese handset makers are eyeing India as the next best market after their home country, considering the population size and demand for budget high-end smartphones. Yes that oxymoron was intended to give you an idea of the phones that sell like hot-cakes in the country. Some of them being OnePlus Two, OnePlus X, Xiaomi Mi 4 and Huawei Mate S etc. The quality of these phones is at par with their American or European counterparts who boast of metal finish and elegant design.

LeTV, a global technology company, is planning to enter the indian market on January 5. While we call them smartphones, LeTV calls them Super phones, owing to the excellent features usually unheard of in budget smartphones these days.

LeTV has sent out invites for its event in January and plans to launch its whole range of smartphones successively. For now there are no details about what products it will offer first and what the price point of those phones will be, but we hope to see the cheaper ones first.

About LeTV and its technology

LeTV is not just a handset maker, its primary business is media streaming and digital content and is one of the largest online video companies in China. Headquartered in Beijing, LeTV is building a ‘Le Ecosystem’ to offer any video content across multiple devices. It includes Internet television, movie production house which includes blockbusters like The Expendables 2 and 3 in China, cloud video services, TV applications, Smart televisions with record holding 120-inch 3D 4K Ultra HD TV, technology for automobiles for better connectivity and application tools etc.

LeTV was founded in 2004 in China and since then has risen to become a global company with offices in USA. Letv promises to deliver content on any gadget connected by internet, even through cloud streaming. There gadgets are extremely well thought of and provide excellent value for money while being more functional than other major manufacturers.

What’s so special in LeTV’s smartphones?

LeTV’s smartphones are no usual smartphones you see. While they’re not extremely futuristic, but they offer great technology in small form factor. The current smartphones in its portfolio are Le 1, Le 1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1S.

Le 1S and Le Max offer mirror-surfaced fingerprint scanning technology, first ever seen in a smartphone. LeTV claims fingerprint recognition in under 0.15 seconds with 99.3% accuracy. The fingerprint reader at the back also allows 360 degree touch to unlock the device. Dubbed as LeTouch, the reader is scratch proof and can be doubled up as a small mirror. The phones have top of the line features seen in high-end smartphones these days and look chic thanks to bezel-less display on the front.

The phones come in full metal body and look striking in gold and silver colours. The phones are usually priced between Rs 11,000 and Rs 25,000. LeTV is not planning to localize the production anytime soon, with the main focus being expanding into the Indian market.

LeTV has been trying to market itself on Facebook quite some time now with the launch coming closer. There were fan meetups scheduled in big cities in India next week. The products have received rave reviews in China with many fans willing to pay high subscription rates every year owing to the quality and quantity of services.

The ecosystem idea sounds great and it would interesting to see if LeTV brings that to India. However, for the time being focusing on smartphones seems like a good option to see the response in the country. With so many chinese handsets in the country, competition will be tough but its USPs are bound to make an impact.

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