LeTV Announces 3 Futuristic Products in India, 3D Helmet, Super Cycle & Bluetooth headphones!


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LeTV is a global technology company that makes products it likes to call ‘super’ instead of ‘smart’ or ‘futuristic’. It has not stuck to just one domain, but has emerged as a master of all trades with products like smartphones, smart TVs, internet television, production house, cloud services etc. It has been one of the finest companies to globalize from China and is continuing to innovate in every space.

LeTV has entered the Indian market with a bang! Releasing three products with extremely innovative designs and approaches, it has become a brand to look forward to already. Having proved its worth on home ground, it is time to prove the worth in India and I am sure LeTV won’t disappoint.

Three new products have been unveiled, Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle. The products are expected to be priced very aggressively, considering LeTV’s history of pricing its products. All the devices under LeTV share an ecosystem, which means they are connected all the time through wireless services and are closely integrated with each other.

Le 3D Helmet

LeTV 3D helment

The Le 3D Helmet is something like Oculus VR, except you will be able to connect your phone to it and experience everything in 3D. The helmet comes with a 5.5″ SHARP HD LCD screen and a resolution of 2560*1440 with 70° field of view.

The device offers a virtual experience of 1000-inch screen and 15m distance. The helmet comes with USB Type C Port to connect with your phone for MHL signal input. It supports 1080p videos at 60fps and 3D & 2D images. It is quite light at less than 450gm, making the experience better for the user.

The best use of the device will be to view videos, go through photos, play games while being in any posture, every lying on the bed. It will be an IMAX experience at home, at a much cheaper price. Such devices are the future of the media industry and should become a fad very soon with other manufacturers.

LeMe Bluetooth Headphones

LeTV headphones

Bluetooth headphones are a necessary gadget today to have, to live clutter free and away from wires. Running on Bluetooth 4.1 with a 195 mAh Li-ion battery, the headphones offer 10 hours of music playback and standby time of upto 26.5 days. Measuring at 180×176.8×62.8 mm, these require only 2 hours of charging time through audio and USB charging ports. Having a unique design, the product offers noise cancellation, an adaptive audio adjustment to cancel wind and background noise equaling to an enriching experience for the listener.

The headphones have a range of 10 metres and weigh about 240gm. The headphones are available in Red, Orange, White, Blue and Pink, to make them look funky and stand out of the crowd. While they will not be as effective as high-end Bose or Beats headphones, given the price of the headphones, they should work better than expected.

Super Cycle

LETV Supercycle

As I said earlier, LeTV believes it builds everything ‘Super’ and not the usual that everyone else does. For the same reason, the Super Cycle is something that has not been attempted by anyone else. First of its kind, the urban cycle is internet-enabled with various sensors inbuilt to survey the surroundings and monitor every little aspect as you cycle.

The data is taken up through cloud computing and collected to enhance the cycling experience. Through regular monitoring, the cycle is able to suggest routes to improve the needs of the user and provide suggestions, which is what makes it smart.

The cycle also features keyless and chain-less anti-theft technology installed with Fingerprint identification to make it super safe, since everyone will be eyeing for the bike. Via mobile App controls, real-time positioning and remote locking and unlocking is possible on the Super Cycle. Built-in digital PTT walkie-talkie, Bluetooth technology and a 3G WCDMA telecommunication module, makes the Super Cycle more fun as it allows users to share cycling experience with friends in real time. It has cross-device interconnectivity and precise positioning with real-time navigation.

The cycle is equipped with 8400 mAh battery along with voltage stabilizer for automatic power regeneration. LeTV’s Super Cycles are available in four models namely, Aluminum edition-Silver, Aluminum edition-Gold, Carbon fiber edition-Silver and Carbon edition- Gold. The bikes look very futuristic and definitely have the ‘WOW’ factor going for them.

There are a few 3D projection headgears in the market, however either they are not economical or they have not yet launched in India. There are bluetooth headphones, but come at steep prices and there are definitely no such cycles in the country that come with such advanced features, usually seen separately in cars or smartphones or computers.

All these products are a great addition to the gadget family in India and LeTV is making sure they put the best out there for the users and gain market share in the country.

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