nexGTV Launches SPOTlight with Imtiaz Ali, A Digital Platform For Video Creators To Get Discovered & Make Money


NexGTV SPOTlight

YouTube has been a sensation since launch and although Google has admitted it is not a profitable venture, Google continues to maintain the service and makes it better and better for both users and video uploaders.

Since then, YouTuber has become a word to present the YouTube personalities and Google has helped these YouTubers gain attention and popularity through simply uploading videos. However, with 7 Billion people on this planet, the probability of you becoming a YouTube celebrity is quite low, to be frank, unless you’re a hotshot and your idea has never been seen before.

To solve all these problems, nexGTV, a mobile content accumulation platform, has launched SPOTlight, a similar idea as YouTube, but to earn money in a simplified manner.

In association with Imtiaz Ali, a well known director and writer in India, SPOTlight aims to pay the uploader on pay per view basis. The application will also reward the user with the best video of the month. It is a good way to incentivise and motivate the budding actors, singers, dancers etc of the country to aim for bigger targets.

Imtiaz Ali is excited about the project and commented, “I always had a passion to make movies. When I went to Mumbai, I always looked for opportunities to make short films and so I got associated with this application so that the budding artistes find a “good” platform for them.”

The platform intends to give talented people a chance to showcase their skills and earn through it. After all, it is very difficult to shine through the 1.25 Billion people in the country with extraordinary talent everywhere.

How can one earn through the application?

Anyone can register on the application and start uploading videos with their own original ideas which will be scrutinized in case of plagiarism, violence or obscenity. The length of the videos has been restricted to seven minutes for now. Once approved and uploaded on SPOTlight, viewers will be able to see the videos and nexGTV will make sure your video reaches out to millions of users.

However, there is a caveat that comes with the pay per view tag. You will be able to earn only once your video reaches the 3,000 mark. It is completely on the users to tag the videos such that it reaches out to maximum people.

Post 3,000 views, there are attractive rates per slab, depending on the total views or hits. There are specific video categories only to which you can upload your videos, which limits the talent, but is enough to grab attention.

The top five videos every month on the nexGTv app will be personally reviewed by Imtiaz Ali who will finally decide the champion video of the month. Coming from the director of movies like Jab We Met, Rockstar, Highway etc. you can expect a well thought of product and collaboration which will end up rivaling YouTube in India.

If you have been waiting to showcase your talent but could not find the right place to do that, SPOTlight seems to be the answer to all your questions. It will be a big platform for users who like to capture everyday moments in a vivid manner to express their thoughts and who bring reality to fiction.

Not only will users benefit, but even viewers will be able to see more and more unique content online. If you’re convinced with the idea, there is nothing stopping you from creating an account on the website and walking towards glory.

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